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Welcome to Jane Dougherty’s site. You will find posts about writing in general, my writing in particular, and random notes about where I live, and my animals and other family.
Thanks for dropping in.

Trailers for The Dark Citadel
Release due October 4 2013


50 responses to “Home page

  1. Hi Jane,
    I stumbled onto your blog following links from The Truth You Always Knew. You said your youngest asked the question, what came before the Big Bang. The answer to that is something I’m exploring in my own blog, Steve’s Pen at WordPress.com. Maybe you’d like to visit. I’ll be following you from now on.

  2. Hi Jane – thanks for the comment on my latest writing post. I find the web in general and wordpress in particular to be a great solace, where else in past times did writers have such a massive support group and people to test their ideas on.
    I think we wear our fortunes too lightly.

  3. That’s worth quoting, James. You must have great faith in human nature. I immediately thought of poets like Hardy who by all accounts was impossible to live with, like Dickens, and Yeats who was a crypto-fascist though he probably wasn’t aware of it. But who are we to judge someone’s nature by the way they behave in a public way or in a single instance?

    • Thank you, Sophie, I’m very flattered you have thought of me. I think I’m going to be like you though and sit on it for a while before accepting it. I am absolutely snowed under with editing at the moment, as well as trying to get my first book finally out of the door.
      If you want to have a go at book trailers have a look at Animoto. It’s the most foolproof site I’ve found. Since you can provide the graphics, all you have to do is find some appropriate music, write a bit of text, and Bob’s your uncle.

    • Glad you found it! You’ll get the hang of blogging very quickly. It’s the organisation of it that takes the time initially, but once you’ve got the different sections going, you just write.

  4. Hi Jane, I’m really pleased to say that your poem, ‘Time Was’, has won the mini monthly writing competition on my blog for August. And well deserved too – I loved the imagery that you created with this piece!
    As winner I would now like to invite you to set the writing prompt for September’s competition. This can be anything, from a general theme to a specific brief, and I would be grateful if you could email this to me at elizfrat@hotmail.co.uk . Thank you again for taking part this month and I enjoy your work :)

    • I don’t know what to say, except that I am very pleased and very flattered (I’m blushing wildly here) that people enjoyed my poem. Thank you, Elizabeth for your generosity in using your blog to promote other writers’ work.

      • It is my pleasure and I love reading all the entries that come in. I appreciate each and every entry and so far the quality of submissions has been really strong. Thank you for setting the next writing prompt and for taking part in what I’m trying to do. All the best and keep up the good work! :)

  5. So enjoying your blog and posts and the videos too…hope all is well. Sorry I have been remiss in visiting so often; I am finding it hard to type and sit for long and have been neglecting my blog too though I have stuff scheduled there. I will try and visit more often as I cannot give in and give up. Good luck with everything and much success which you deserve. Thanks for visiting my author pages – appreciated. :)

    • Sorry to hear you’re having problems. I haven’t been as assiduous as I ought either. Revising and editing has been getting in the way of reading and blogging. Thanks for the good wishes—I hope to be able to announce a(nother) release date for Dark Citadel soon.

  6. I’ve got a bit lost. I was trying to find your latest post and ended up on this page. There are quite a lot of pages on this site, but I have to say, however I arrived here, and whether this is the latest page or not, these pictures are gorgeous. Did you do them? If you did, stop making those sandwiches immediately and do some more. They really are striking

    • I just added another gallery of ‘portraits’ of my characters, and a book trailer. I’m glad you like the pictures. I didn’t either paint or photograph any of them, just borrowed them because they suit the characters or the settings in the book. I’ll get another set together maybe next weekend when the book comes out.

  7. Sounds a really good read and full of fantasy and I am sure Laura will read it. I am her Mum and also a writer and enjoy a good novel. Good luck in your writing and I certainly enjoyed the bookish banter with Laura Crean.

    • Thank you, Frances. I enjoyed doing Laura’s very chatty interview. She might well read The Dark Citadel when she gets the time, but we all have so many obligations in the way of reading other people’s work that I don’t expect it to be for a while. Best wishes and hope your own writing projects are bearing fruit.

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