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Yesterday I broke one of my blogging rules, the one about not accepting blogger awards. I invented it a while ago when I didn’t know many other bloggers and had ‘used them all up’ by nominating them for the Liebster Award.
I know and appreciate a few more people now. Scores more, in fact, so when Steve Smy nominated me for the Inner Peace Award, I graciously accepted. Given my recent (and ongoing) setback, being plunged back into editing when I thought it was all behind me, I feel I could do with a bit of inner peace. Thanks Steve!
The beauty of this award is that the only conditions are that I say nice things about the nominees. There are no questions to answer, or questionnaires to think up.
First of all I’d like to say something nice about Steve, who is an enthusiastic follower, commenter and can always be counted on for support and encouragement. Have a look at his blog Imagineer-ing to see what he’s all about.

To pass on the Inner Peace Award, I have chosen fifteen bloggers who share some of Steve’s qualities.Fifteen isn’t enough; I could think of dozens of candidates, but I’ve already increased the number from eleven, so the rest of you will have to wait until I get nominated for something else!
The lucky winners can pass on the award or not. It takes time, and that’s something nobody has to spare. Please look at their blogs though, they are all worth a few minutes of anybody’s time.

Steve’s pen
Arran Q Henderson
Diane Dickson’s stories
The Eye Dancers
Gillian O’Rourke
Mary Meddlemore
A view from my summerhouse
Kendall F. Person Thepublicblogger
Tricia Drammeh
Seumas Gallacher
Joanna Fay

All of these bloggers feel like friends. There are lots more I could have chosen, but I’ve had to stop at fifteen. All of them have blogs that are worth reading, but essentially, they are just nice people. Thanks for being there.


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Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

23 thoughts on “Blog award”

  1. Well isn’t that a nice thing for you to give, and me to receive. Lovely. I’m not much good at awards, or many other things to be honest, but I more than appreciate the thought behind them. You’ve place a bit of sunshine into my day 🙂

    1. That’s the main thing. I shy away from the daft questions and answers thing—as if anybody’s remotely interested in whether a complete stranger prefers chocolate or vanilla ice cream! At least you’re spared that.

      1. Just makes the award nicer, and from a writer who is to be published. A compliment indeed. On the whole I go for vanilla by the way, although I enjoy a plain chocolate coating. You heard it on your Blog first !

      2. I had thought about champagne and strawberries to celebrate R Day, whenever that’s going to be. But I can always get some vanilla ice cream too. Cream is just so Glyndebourne.

  2. How very kind, I really do appreciate that thank you so much and yes we all need inner peace and at the moment I am trying to find some to settle an ongoing health thing – your kindness is just what I needed..

  3. Thank you, Jane! What a wonderful post. Thanks so much for nominating me, and congratulations on the award! Very well deserved–you have a fabulous website. And your kindness is very much appreciated!

  4. Thank you Jane, inner peace is a gift I gracefully accept, and I wish same on a wing for you and all your friends. I’ll explore the sites that are unfamiliar on your list once I come out of my present obsessive editing round. ☼

    1. Editing is a great obsession to indulge. When you self-edit, you tend to agree with your changes. When someone else prompts a change, agreement is less certain. Editing become stressful. Inner Peace. Lots of it, please!

  5. Jane – Your sentence ‘all of the bloggers feel like friends’ epitomizes why we chose and maintain wordpress as our ‘home base’ of Social Media and a reason we stay active in the community. Its because it feels like home. And at home we are surrounded by friends. Thanks, Jane for confirming my reason why I really like this place. >> When I began blogging in earnest, I received my first award. Didn’t really know what is was so I search the term (believe the Liebster was my first one). Having every intention of accepting and following said rules, I put it off and before I knew it, I had been graciously awarded the Inspiring Blogger Award and Sunshine Award, and the cycle continued. Now overwhelmed, but not wanting to appear ungracious (I really appreciated each and every one), and it was at that moment, the idea for thepublicblogger Awards was born. The community involvement and excitement triggered its success, so it will be, officially an annual affair (you heard it here first). Although this year there will be 2, since the need to establish December as the month the show will take place. The moral to the story is, I do not accept other WordPress blogger awards (I hope I don’t sound like an ingrate), to prevent the appearance of quid pro quo, in the event a thepublicblogger Award winner is the same blogger that gave me an award. But thank you for the Inner Peace. Yesterday was a trying day. Not bad, just deep thought about the blogger versus the author who still feel like two people but I wish to make them one. >> Please email me at so I have your email address. I have a couple of questions, but I have taken up enough space as is…{smile}. Thanks for everything Jane. Rather you know it or not, you are a big inspiration to me (and for the record, it played no role in your big win. Your blog is a beautiful piece of art). – Kendall

  6. Congratulations, Jane

    On landing this award – Inner Peace – yes, that’s something all of us can use more of, I reckon.

    I did not expect you to nominate me, as I too am not into awards – though I was delirious when I received my very first, oh some time ago. Nevertheless, I do accept and display them in a dedicated Awards Page as a permanent reminder to myself – to forever remain humble and to appreciate the gifts we receive.

    Thank you for thinking of me and I appreciate this generous gesture.

    All good wishes and blessings,

    1. I have very mixed feelings when I receive an award. It’s flattering to receive, but very time consuming to pass on, as it usually involves lots of questions and answers that I don’t think anybody’s really interested in. I like this award as it’s just an excuse to say thank you to a few people, with no strings.

  7. Dear Jane, what a beautiful award to receive from you, thank you so much. I really wanted to nominate you for The WordPress Family Award but I knew that you didn’t accept awards. Please know, however, that I do consider you ‘cyber’ family and I’m so glad that we are in touch! This ‘Inner Peace’ Award is really meaningful and I am so touched and honoured to read the lovely things you said about your ‘nominees’, especially as I am an aspiring writer, so new to this, and I really look up to you as a published (!) writer. I totally agree that this award is so lovely, not only for the sentiment behind it but because it does not involve so much work! I certainly could use some inner peace right now and I will display this Award with great pride and gratitude and as a reminder that I have some wonderful friends here on WordPress and that we are supporting one another.
    This warms my heart greatly 🙂

    1. It seemed like a nice way to say thank you. It has never been easier to be in instant ‘contact’, but I often think that too many people take that ‘contact’ for granted. How often are your e mails ignored, for example? I bet it’s far more often than an old snail mail letter. When people take the trouble to read and comment on a post, and then come back again to the blog regularly, I feel it needs acknowledging. Maybe I’ve just been lucky so far, but my experience of WordPress has been of a very friendly place without the trolls you find on all the public forums I’ve ever used. Hope it stays that way!

      1. Beautifully put Jane, and a pleasure to meet someone genuine like you. As for emails being ignored, don’t get me started and as for those ‘trolls’, my daughter warned me about them, but, like you, so far nothing like that here. So yes, long may it reign! Have a lovely day 🙂

  8. Thank you, Jane. This is a huge honor. Like you, I don’t always have time to participate in blog awards, but this is one well worth participating in. Thank you!

    1. I think we can take friends, especially virtual friends for granted. It’s easy to ignore people you don’t ‘know’. But if some complete unknown with no axe to grind at all takes the time and the trouble to converse, they are being just as genuinely ‘friendly’ as flesh and blood friends. Not that you all aren’t flesh and blood too!

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