A Christmas wish


Earth turns to face its longest night

carrying us furthest from the sun

and cities fill with light to chase the dark,

take our fears and give us tinsel in exchange.

But when the longest night is done

and we journey back towards the brighter days

let us not forget the dark that lies in wait

should tinsel take the place of wonder and respect,

not take the earth into the endless night

but bring all things to birth in another spring.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

5 thoughts on “A Christmas wish”

  1. Love the ending.

    P.S. I don´t know if you´ve notice but it´s snowing in your blog.
    Another thing, I just hit follow you on twitter. I saw you are a pantheist….what´s that! And since you´r e a dog whisperer maybe you can write a poem about dogs so I can show it the two beasts I have that people call dogs but I´m quite certain they are the incarnation of evil, so maybe a little poem about dogs will bring them to be normal.

    More P.S. Beautiful poem as always.

    1. Snow effects I like, not the real stuff. I’ll check on twitter and follow you back!
      Pantheism is closest to my way of thinking. Spinoza was one too so I’m in good company. I don’t do God or gods or magic or any of that kind of supernatural rubbish, I mean theory. But I do think there’s a force in the natural world making things go around. It does it whether we like it or not so there’s no point praying to it. Means I respect all life (except rich exploitative gits) and get upset about wars and child abuse and animal torture.
      I have a few small dog poems. Might even be on the blog somewhere. I’ll have a look.

      1. I´ll look abut the dog,
        Probably be angry at me now, since you said you´re upset about wars and I was part of two of them. But I turned out alright, I didn´t make them I just fought them.

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