Pictures from the Forty Foot swim, Christmas Day in Sandycove.

The cold seems to bring out the lunatic in some people. Thanks Arran for making me smile.

Arran Q Henderson

Some pictures from the famous Forty Foot swim, from the recent Christmas Day swim.   Oh, if you’re reading this on a desktop or laptop, don’t forget to hit the Title line above, to expand text and pictures!

Swimming Wideshot Fortyfoot 1 -Wideshot Arran Henderson, Dublin Decoded

This is a real tradition around where i grew up in Dun Laoghaire and the whole surrounding area, (Glasthule, Sandycove, and all around) with hundreds of people coming down each year throughout the day.

Swimming queue Fortyfoot 1 -Wideshot Arran Henderson, Dublin Decoded

Usually I’d be swimming myself,  typically with my sister, and often our mum too.   My sister and I even went in during the great freeze of 3 years ago.  We were the only ones mad enough that year, at least at the only ones in sight when we were down.  It was -10 for weeks beforehand and the very ground was frozen.   So nobody else was daft enough.   Our feet got so cold- we nearly lost them.  I haven’t…

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5 thoughts on “Pictures from the Forty Foot swim, Christmas Day in Sandycove.”

      1. Where would we be without the nutters and the slightly odd? We’d have very little to write about. 🙂

  1. Hi Jane, for a minute there I thought it was you who grew up near the Forty Foot. When I was young it was a bathing place only for men and we kids swam around the other side of the bay in Sandycove. But only in warm weather!

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