He asks for what he cannot have


Give me your hand, he said, he said,
Give me your hand so fair,
To show that you belong to me
I’ll set a gold ring there.

The gold gleams bright, she said, she said,
Beneath the morning sun,
But when the sky is full of clouds
Will its glittering not be done?

Give me your heart, he said, he said,
To make sure you will stay
I’ll lock it in a golden box
And throw the key away.

Hearts must be free, she said, she said,
A heart in a box will die
Unless it can spread its wings and soar
Like a bird in the morning sky.

I’ll give you my heart, she said, she said,
Until the seas run dry
If that’s not enough, I’ll leave, she said,
Like a bird in the morning sky.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

19 thoughts on “He asks for what he cannot have”

      1. You have a wonderful poetic style like Sara Teasdale’s. A song-like ballad with the romantic flavor of two centuries ago. 🙂

      2. That’s quite a compliment, Eric. I looked up Sara Teasdale (to my shame I’d never heard of her) and she wrote some lovely verse. Hope I don’t finish like her though. I don’t think I’m the suicidal type.

    1. Thanks Tricia. I’m beginning to wonder if it isn’t the rhythm of my steps that gets these poems going. They all seem to appear while I’m out walking the dog. It must help with the beats anyway.

  1. A commentator said “you have a poetic style song like ballad,”and I couldn´t have expressed it better myself.

    By the way, doesn´t he get what he wants at the end? She does give him his heart.

      1. Humm, now I get it. You made it sound so beautiful that I thought it had a happy ending, although I like it better the concept you use of that is not love is possession what they are looking for.

      2. There are so many couples that stay together, have kids, always seem reasonably content, and I wonder how many of them are happy only because she does exactly what he wants her to do. What if she were to say ‘I want to get a job’, or ‘I don’t want any more kids’, or ‘I want to go out with my friends tonight, and yes, some of them are men’? I suspect a lot of that ‘love’ would turn out to be pretty shallow.

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