Promote Yourself: Brian Gallagher, the Short Order Poet

Getting information about Brian Gallagher has been like getting blood out of a stone. No pictures, no intro, but that’s how he works. He’s the Short Order Poet. I gave him a thème—trees—and this is what he sent me. Short order poems to feed a whole table. All in perfect haiku form.
I thoroughly recommend that you take a stroll through his blog. It’s well worth it ; and follow him on Twitter for more very short slices of life.

Here’s his blog :

Here’s where he hangs out on Twitter :

Other than that, the man’s a mystery. He writes lovely poetry though. Here’s a small sample, written to order, of course.


Trees, snow & water.
These are the ingredients
from which poems are made.

The wind loves the trees,
bent together as it moves,
just like you & me.

Arms above their heads
windblown trees can scare themselves
while they exercise.

Trees know the value
of water, sunshine, and roots
while we search for ours.

In New York City,
softly snow arrives in town,
goes from hush to slush.

Snowflakes baffle us:
it’s said no two are the same
but how do we know?

Learn about yourself:
Catch a snowflake in your hand
watch the way it dies.

We’re mostly water
& capriciously change states,
soft to hard to gone.

Water, we ripple
making patterns in our lives,
all too circular.

As days dry us out,
turning our lives to deserts,
we are quenched by love.

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Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

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