Birth Day


Birth day

The last time

No sky that day just fog dense and damp

And the bite of coming winter in the air.

Shaking out the children’s winter coats

My waters breaking

And you, my little salmon, beating back upstream

Not yet ready, clinging to your due of paradise.

Two days they urged you to leave and you would not.

In the end they gave you little choice.

With no roar of rage, a sigh of regret only

You left your dark watery cave

And salmon leapt into my arms

Your face as bright as any sun.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

8 thoughts on “Birth Day”

      1. Yeh, I can’t say I’d relish two days in labour! Jeez. Mine was an emergency c which was nice and quick but they wouldn’t let us go home for effing ages! 😉



      2. You know what some doctors are like, they know everything and a mother is just something the cat dragged in. I kept telling him the baby wasn’t due for another fortnight and mine insist on going the distance and then some. He wouldn’t listen, spent two days trying to force her out until he’d produced an emergency.

      3. Yeh, I can imagine that. And the poem is really positive and uplifting. If there are any hard feelings there’s no sign there. My lad was a very overcooked bun. 12 days late (in order to arrive on my 40th Birthday). They tried to induce me, thought the trace looked a bit dodgy and the Registrar told me it was a hunch but she thought a c would be better as it might be a very long labour. She was really gentle about it and we never felt that there was any big time danger or forced at all. Then, when we signed the forms, they grabbed my trolley and ran like fuck. And that’s when I thought, “ah.” Turned out he had the chord wrapped tightly round his neck. He’d never have made it through a long labour so I am eternally grateful to her for making the judgement call and also for being so gentle about it all.



      4. No there were never any hard feelings, except for the stupid doctor. Mine had the cord wrapped round her neck too. Funny thing was that she bounced about like a football all through the pregnancy and the end when they tried to induce her, and she carried on after the birth. She was standing up on my lap and bouncing when she was just a few weeks old. By the time she was eight months both her front teeth were grey from where she’d fallen over on her face trying to walk. She was running around at eleven months. And with a great big sunny smile perpetually plastered all over her face.

    1. I think it’s something a lot of women experience. Giving birth is much safer than it used to be but sometimes it’s at the expense of the magic. When the doctor knows best and he’s wrong. It was a stressful experience and needlessly so. But I couldn’t have had a more understanding baby at the end of it.

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