The words have flown


The words have flown,
Their beauty unattainable.
Too much blood,
Too much darkness.
The words wait
In the hopes,
The bright candle flames,
Wrapped in rainbows of soft feathers,
For light and beauty and laughter
To unmask the obscure purveyors of death
And write words of understanding
Across the blank face of ignorance.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

14 thoughts on “The words have flown”

    1. It has really got to me. They were such good people. They were preparing an anti-racist issue at the meeting where they were murdered. The economist, Bernard Maris, was a great defender of all things egalitarian and humanitarian. The only economist I used to listen to with pleasure every friday morning having a friendly debate with a right-wing economist. This morning the radio played a long tribute to him. It cuts me up to hear grown men in tears.

      1. I had a really difficult time like that last month, only over something more personal. It was the loss of two little children earliwr in the year who both had Carys’s syndrome. I dont know why it hit me so hard all those months later. Anyway, I havent forgotten them,;never will, but I dont feel so desperate just now. Your darkness will pass too.

      2. I can understand that. These kind of visceral emotions can hit for no apparent reason. I lost the first baby I had at 12 weeks. Obviously I was terribly upset when it happened and for a long time afterwards. I remember, about six months later being in the shower and being overwhelmed by sadness. I’d just had the idea, that felt like an absolute certainty, that it had been a little girl. That made it seem so much more real. I imagined what she would have been like and the tears just flowed.

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment! I find it cathartic to search for the right words when I get emotionally strung out. Rather than just feeling miserable or arguing with people about it, I’d rather try and express it. Sounds pretentious, but it’s just a way of dealing with grief. I’m sure you do the same 🙂

    1. Now that the first violent emotions have calmed, seems as though there’s only one rather flat and banal thing left to say—the law is the law; if you don’t want to abide by it, leave.

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