Guest Post | The Importance of Mythology by Author Jane Dougherty

Ali Isaac has very kindly let me air a few of my views on her blog today. Myth and legend, like language is something that gets to the heart of what we are. Thanks Ali, I enjoyed writing this post.



Ali has asked me to write about the importance of mythology in my writing, and what exactly it is doing in the near-future dystopia of The Green Woman series. I have heard it said that every fantasy world, if it is to be taken seriously as a rounded, realistic proposition, has to have references to religion. No real society can exist without religion. That’s as may be. But without wanting to pick a fight over it, I’d say that no society can exist without stories. There has to be a collective imagination to bind people together, a system of common shared beliefs. In older, pre-Christian societies, stories, religion, and history were more or less interchangeable. Some cultures have stories that represent a world-view that I personally find more appealing than others.

When I was a child, my maternal grandmother would go back to Ireland a couple of times a year…

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