Microfiction: The golden dog


The dog lies, her golden head resting on her front paws, watching the passers-by. She is tired. For four days she has trotted back and forth along the route she knows best, between the two campsites, the park and the bridge, the bridge and the park. She and the man slept together in the same sleeping bag, sometimes under the bridge, sometimes under a tree. Now he has gone.
She waits and she watches, and she trots back and forth, back and forth. But she is hungry and tired. She plays with other dogs but won’t go near people. Her eyes search for a single man in the whole mass of humanity. Her fur is muddy and she is tired and hungry. But she waits and watches and trots back and forth.
I would catch her if I could, the golden dog, and bring her home. But she won’t be caught. I would take the place of the man who went away and didn’t come back. But she has more faith than I, more hope. She will watch and wait and trot back and forth, back and forth, forever.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

15 thoughts on “Microfiction: The golden dog”

    1. This dog preys on my mind. And I’m not alone. There were four of us this morning trying to catch her, but she won’t be caught. Just wants to find her human. I’ll keep you posted with developments 🙂

      1. It will be difficult because she wants her old human back. There are quite a few people would give her a home—she’s an attractive dog—but she’s not interested.

      2. Nobody knows exactly. There was a group of homeless people sleeping in the park and they were all picked up, either by social services or by the police if they were dealers. Either way, dogs aren’t allowed. She just got left behind. Often the dogs don’t belong to one person in particular, but she is obviously very attached to someone.

    1. It will depend where he’s gone. If the police picked him up he could be gone a long time. If he just moved on and purposely left her it will be forever. Either way she’s in for unhappiness.

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