The Borderlands

Another short lesson in world building from Harriet Goodchild.

Folksong and Fantasy

Another post on world-building in After the Ruin. This time, I’ll tell you a bit about the borderlands, the liùthion* and their king, and the firstborn tree.

The borderlands
The borderlands lie at the edges of the waking world. You come to them across a stream which rises at the foot of the firstborn tree. It’s a little thing to the eye, that stream, no further than you could easily jump, no deeper than your arm up to its shoulder, but don’t be deceived by what your eyes show you. That stream runs far faster than you could swim, it’s far deeper than you can think, and only a fool would step in it. When the time and place are right – midwinter in the wild woods of Eulana, say, or midsummer in Lyikené, or else upon the equinox in many places across the world – the further bank is not…

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