Win a set of three books from L.W. Smith’s DEATH series: read on

For crime lovers. Laurie Smith is giving away a set of three of his DEATH novels if you can answer a simple question. If Death’s your thing, what are you waiting for?

Jane Risdon

Laurie Smith Author and Blogger

Crime Author and Blogger Laurie Smith (a/k/a L.W. Smith)

is generously offering one set of three books from his

DEATH series

to someone who can answer this question correctly:

Annie Leeson is a uniformed Constable in Fortitude Valley.

Where is Fortitude Valley?

If you think you know and want a crack at winning this 3 book set

please send your answers via email to

Laurie Smith (a/k/a L.W. Smith)


Put ‘Jane Risdon’s Blog Competition’ in the subject line please.

Laurie will pick the winner.

For more information about Laurie and his amazing life, his wonderful books, and fab blog,

please see my interview with him

(click on my blog roll to read this post)

or follow this link:

Good luck one and all.

 Mountain of Death by L.W. Smith

Valley of Death

L.W. Smith: River of Death L.W. Smith: River of Death

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