High tide

Another circular poem. Or whatever it’s really called. If anyone else wants to have a go on the theme of Autumn, just leave the poem in the comments and I’ll post it with links to your blog.

Photo ©Robvanvee

High tide floods the bank,
Lank grasses float,
Motes of golden light,
Flight of gulls on the sea wind yell,
Tell the message from the northern ice.
Twice, thrice the hound bays the moon,
Soon winter will split the boughs,
Soughs the wind through the reeds,
Seeds of winter blowing,
Snowing in the northern wastes.
Tastes the bitter cold waiting in the shadows,
Shallows full of broken pieces of the summer past,
Last resting place for drifts of wood cast up to dry,
High tide floods the bank.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

21 thoughts on “High tide”

  1. I can feel the winds changing just by reading this. It made me remember the contrast of winter coming on in my native Colorado, compared to Carolina, where I am now.

    1. Thank you, Eli. Perhaps we need this change, to feel the year failing and dying, then coming back to life again after the winter dark. It works on the emotions, and it certainly provides a lot of free inspiration 🙂

    1. Thanks Peter. I remember that one. It’s more alliterative than circular, but I’ll certainly post it. Why not have a bash at a short poem where the last word of a line rhymes with the first word of the next line and the last line is the same as the first? I defy you 🙂

  2. That’s too complicated for my meagre brain… which is why I am sorely tempted to have a go! I need thinking time, though, so I’ll get back to you later…

      1. Honestly! My brain is creaking and groaning just thinking about it! Maybe it needs oiling with a bit of white wine…

  3. Autumn Quotes

    “Autumn,” said the sky.
    “Yes,” said the earth.

    “Who’s your friend?” asked sky.
    “Summer was but now Winter
    is coming to see me soon,” answered the earth.

    “How about Spring?”
    “I’ve never met Spring
    but I hear we are opposites.”

    “Yes, so true, yet opposites attract.”
    “Do you think she would like me?” asked earth.

    “Of course, what’s not to like?”
    “Aw sky, you make me blush,
    with pinks and oranges and roses, too.”

    “Tonight, I’ll give you the harvest moon,
    it will light up your night,” said sky.
    And the earth smiled and shivered just a little.
    “My temperature is dropping.”

    “Grab your coat, put your blue jeans and sweatshirt on,
    it’s time for apple bobbing!” Autumn earth cheered.

    By Caroline Clemens

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