Circular poems

Last week I posted a circular poem High tide and wondered if anybody else would like to have a go at writing a similar kind of poem. A few of you did, so here, as promised, are the poems.

The first in came from Peter Bouchier whose mother tongue, I should add is NOT English. How clever can you get?

Seasons of life

time flies when you’re having fun
sun is fading, starts to bleach
each autumn sooner comes around
sounds like melancholic rhyme
time flies when you’re having fun

Find it on Peter’s site:

This one doesn’t fit the instructions exactly (read the question paper thoroughly before answering the questions!) But it does fit the autumn theme, so thanks Kim 🙂

Autumn Quotes

“Autumn,” said the sky.
“Yes,” said the earth.

“Who’s your friend?” asked sky.
“Summer was but now Winter
is coming to see me soon,” answered the earth.

“How about Spring?”
“I’ve never met Spring
but I hear we are opposites.”

“Yes, so true, yet opposites attract.”
“Do you think she would like me?” asked earth.

“Of course, what’s not to like?”
“Aw sky, you make me blush,
with pinks and oranges and roses, too.”

“Tonight, I’ll give you the harvest moon,
it will light up your night,” said sky.
And the earth smiled and shivered just a little.
“My temperature is dropping.”

“Grab your coat, put your blue jeans and sweatshirt on,
it’s time for apple bobbing!” Autumn earth cheered.

By Caroline Clemens

Finally, here is a beauty from Éilis Niamh.

Change moves silently through this place
Embrace it if you dare
Where is the future you wish to shape
Escape the illusion of control
Whole worlds could go by without you knowing
Glowing with mysteries all their own
Wind-blown, and shimmering in the soft-spun light
Delighting in possibility, no fear
Here where moments are born
Torn from the fabric of unkempt time
Sublime, unnerving, beautiful, strange
Change moves silently through this place.

You can find it on her blog The sound of what happens.

Thanks everybody for reading and writing.

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11 thoughts on “Circular poems”

  1. Sorry Jane I didnt realise you were doing this. Otherwise I would have sent it to you. Mine’s not really on an autumn theme, its about Samhain. Probably wouldnt have counted. 😢

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