Haiku challange: Pine & Grief

Here are my entries. Go to Ronovan’s blog for dozens more haiku on the theme.

Painting by Max Rudolf Schramm


Fir tree casts green pools
shadow cools pangs of hot sun
and my wells of grief.

Lone swan on the lake
white beauty, neck bowed in grief
pines for her lost love.

Grieve, lonely white one
sing your last song to the wind
waste away, ghost bird.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

16 thoughts on “Haiku challange: Pine & Grief”

  1. Your image matched perfectly with your Haiku. Knowing swans mate for life, makes the Haiku even sadder, knowing there will never be another love. That is truly sad and would make one grief stricken. jk

      1. I have seen my own animals walking around confused when we have lost a member of our cat family. One kept trying to be like the cat who died. Feeling his importance needed to be filled. But Carter, stepped up. He is one of our most Divine of kitties. On patrol, protecting us all. And loving as no other. All of our animals are filled with love and giving. So unlike a great many people. I love cat hugs and their purring is so wonderful and snuggly little furry creatures they are. My parrot Saki is also a real love. Believe it or not, she loved to snuggle into my chin when she is sitting on my neck pillow. She loves being near my face.

        It is extremely painful to lose an animal or someone we truly love. It creates a scream deep inside that wants out. I have done my share of screaming. It may freak everyone around you but it is great for the soul. And the swan, mourns alone. I suppose we all do, in our own way.

  2. More animals than we imagine pair for life. When you consider that their primal urge is to reproduce and not much else, to spend the rest of its life alone after its mate dies must be harrowing.

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