Sherbet Gagnant

I thought I’d pass on this absolutely useless but intriguing bit of information I discovered today.
I had thought it would be a question for the ancients among us, but apparently this particular confectionery is still being sold.


So, everybody, not just we kids of the 1960s knows the sherbet fountain, that very strange paper bottle of nasty fizzy stuff with a stick of liquorice with a hole in it through which you were supposed to suck up the fizzy stuff except that it never worked. But did you know that the exact same stuff was also sold in France during the 1970s under the name of Mistral Gagnant?

Mistral Gagnant

Not having quite the same sweet tooth as the Brits or the same mania for sweet nostalgia, the French allowed it to die the death, unmourned and virtually forgotten, so only the paper packaging still exists in a confectionery museum as a reminder.

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Jane Dougherty

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