I think I wrote a ghazal!

Jennifer Knoblock left the link to this post with the operating instructions on how to write a ghazal. I think I’ve got it right. It’s a tricky form, was for me, anyway, so thanks Jennifer for inspiring me to try it.



We watch the night together ’neath the moon

You tell me, love will grow cold, all too soon.


I give you a rose, token of my love,

But its petals fall, behold! All too soon.


You hold a sunbeam high for me to see,

But dusk-tarnished is its gold, all too soon.


I string a rainbow ’tween my loving hands,

Colours fade that were so bold, all too soon.


Dawn breaks, stars fade, moon sinks, and you are gone,

Our story done and told, all too soon.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

32 thoughts on “I think I wrote a ghazal!”

      1. Ive only just learned how to do a sept! Im about to tackle haiku and tanka… for someone who doesnt really do poetry, thats pushing it a bit, dont you think? 😂

      2. Not really, considering how well you string words together. I admit this ghazal thingy was tricky for me; when I read the instructions for how to write a villanelle my eyes just glaze over.

      3. I know how you feel… haha, me too! Kind of takes the fun out of it a bit, when there are so many restrictions, but I guess like anything, it just takes a bit of time to master.

      4. Well I am ignorant. I appreciate Éilis’s poetry, but am unable to identify its form, just enjoy it. You know what, this is the kind of stuff they should teach you in school, not force you to read endless war poetry that a fifteen year old in peace time cant identify with, study different types and examples and then get you writing it!

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