So many wars

Photo ©Avishai Teicher

©Avi1111 dr. avishai teicher

So many wars after so many years,
So many deaths and so many tears,
So many poppies that blow on the hill,
And still we keep sending our men out to kill.
The poppies that blow in the fields of the Somme,
Are the same as the flowers piled up with aplomb,
On the coffins and graves where our young lives have bled,
In the name of a nation with no tears to shed.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

12 thoughts on “So many wars”


    The organ breathes softly in the still air.
    The gentle hesitant notes,
    just enough to underline the silence,
    not wanting to intrude.

    In a corner, with the dust and cobwebs,
    a few bits of confetti,
    reminders of joyful celebrations.
    A world away today.

    In the vestry the vicar rehearses.
    Murmurs reassuring words,
    “We gather to remember and honour …”
    And puts on his surplice.

    Everyone in the surrounding area
    is here to show their respect.
    “Died immediately, mercifully.”
    “By a sniper, I think.”

    Someone’s mobile goes off and is silenced.
    Curious, a small child whispers,
    “Mummy, where do people go when they die?”
    “Hush, pet,” is the answer.


    At the “super”market today
    I passed some people
    Trying to collect money to
    “Support Our Troops”

    For God’s sake

    Which part of
    “Though shalt not kill”
    Do they not understand?

    For pity’s sake

    “Father, forgive them
    For they know not what they do”

    1. I know it’s practically a treasonable offence to say it, but I don’t believe that all soldiers are ‘heroes’, that those who are killed in wars ‘gave their lives for their country’ they are just nice trite phrases we invent to sooth the bald fact that they are dead. Soldiers in wartime are conscripted, they don’t have a choice. They don’t ‘give’ their lives, they’re taken from them by men in safe suits who wouldn’t lift a finger for their own grandmothers never mind their ‘country’. If our soldiers are ‘heroes’ so are theirs. They all die horribly, they all kill civilians in the process, and the only ones who profit from their ‘sacrifice’ are the men in suits who stayed at home and raked in the profits. End of rant. Great pair of poems btw.

  3. When Will the humanity stop the endless wars? I think when the last human past away from this earth. Sad but True.

  4. When differences can’t be solved by ‘ jaw jaw ‘ the only answer is ‘ war war ‘ . Violence is a part of our evolutionary inheritance it breaks out everywhere in individuals , crowds and nations. The good news is we are living in the most peaceful time known in history , the bad news is its not because we have become more peaceful but because war doesn’t pay off like it used to.

    1. Maybe one of the big differences is that before the means of mass extermination were invented (starting with the machine gun) the numbers killed directly in armed combat were relatively small. They fought on pre-defined battlegrounds for a few hours then those who weren’t dead went home or wherever. Far more civilians would have been killed as an indirect result of famine, disease, and armies generally having a bit of fun. Modern warfare is on a massive scale, wars cover huge areas and we have the potential for killing millions rather than scores. As you say, we’ve always done it and no doubt always will, but the more powerful our arsenal becomes, the more terrifying the consequences for all of us.

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