A deleted scene

More than like, love this.

Folksong and Fantasy

This is from a pre-publication draft of After the Ruin. It was the original opening of chapter 6 but got replaced by a quite different scene for a minor continuity reason. I like the scene in the book, which is much livelier and full of music and magic, but I like too the quietness of this one.

Marwy Ninek led Assiolo through the warren of rooms behind the hall. Most were storerooms filled with remnants of former days, forgotten traces of the generations. At the end of a passage she stopped before an oaken door. Behind it was a short passageway ending in a stone staircase twisting upwards out of sight and, close by, on the left, another door. She opened it to show a little, whitewashed room with a window in one wall and a hearth in another and a window looking out across the court.

‘You need a place, Assiolo…

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