End of NaNoWriMo

And beginning of WordPress’s spray a blizzard across your blog posts campaign. Thanks WP—I love it really.

Although I didn’t sign up officially, I was a fellow traveler this year, setting my own goal. It was far short of the 50k words that most people were aiming for. Knowing my capacity for wandering off subject and fiddling around with poems and bits of short fiction, my more modest goal was just to finish the first draught of In Paradisio, the third volume of the Wormholes series. I say modest advisedly, as I was aiming for an estimated total word count of 65k, and I’d already written 45k. Idling along at 5000 words a week, I reckoned a month should do it.

In the end, I reached The End first time around with over a week to spare and 74000 words on the clock. Yesterday evening, end of NaNo, the total after another run through stood at 78000. I’m pleased with what’s come out. I have a nice bunch of characters, a world that is (I hope) original, and a plot that explores love and relationships more than superpowers and good versus evil. Nor are there nearly as many plot holes as I expected. Maybe I just haven’t noticed them yet.

Volume three???? I hear you ask. What happened to volumes one and two? I’m pleased to say that I have release dates for Wormholes #1: The Abomination:

January 26 for retail pre-order and purchase through the Finch Books website.

March 22 for general retail release.

The covers are being finalised so I’ll post when I get the final version. In the meantime, here’s a wormhole.



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16 thoughts on “End of NaNoWriMo”

      1. Probably. The cover artist made the first cover after getting very clear ideas about what I would like—and she did a good job. The publisher has since been bought up by a much bigger publisher with very definite ideas about YA book covers. They’ve changed all the YA covers in accordance with their own specifications. I’ll have to see if they listen to my objections.

    1. It is getting exciting. The publisher is now part of the Bonnier group and they’re putting a lot of effort into the launch at the end of January. We’re working on a new cover as it was decided the YA covers had to be really different to the other imprints.

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