Cats again

Since our neighbour with the cats was evicted in September, the rooftops have been swarming with felines. Some of the permanent residents were put in a sort of pets’ hotel while the neighbour waits to be rehoused. The local council took away four others, and a couple of cats’ protection associations managed to catch another six that the neighbour for looking after for them on a temporary basis. We caught another one, a friendly female that lingered too long on the bathroom window ledge, and returned it to the cat lady. She’s a nice cat with the rather unusual name of Negrustia.

Last week we caught yet another, a brother of Horace’s (who you will be relieved to know is one of the cats relocated to the hotel) that fell two floors off the roof of the house onto the veranda. The cat was undamaged, unlike the veranda roof which now has a hole in it.

PENTAX Digital Camera
Remember Horace?

Earlier this week, the cat association brought in the big guns—cat traps. The two most wanted cats, Victor’s Little Sister, and her daughter Isabelle, were still at large. And so was Otto, along with several other unneutered tomcats.

PENTAX Digital Camera
Victor’s Little Sister

To paraphrase the immortal words of G.W. “We got ’em!” We also got an extremely angry tom cat, one of the cat lady’s outdoor relief projects, which in fact belongs to a couple who live down the road.

PENTAX Digital Camera

With sixteen cats ‘in care’, and a kitten adopted by a neighbour, that still leaves maybe ten cats and a couple of litters of kittens unaccounted for. The kittens, I fear, are no longer of this world, and the others are either toms or sterilised females. At least the two worst offenders have been neutralised. I hope they find homes. They’re good cats, fighters and survivors.

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15 thoughts on “Cats again”

      1. The lady from the cats protection society says it might be a female cat she has on her wanted list. The two females we caught have found a home together in the country. I’m really pleased they’ve been adopted together. They were inseparable.

  1. Bloody hell! I love cats but thats just bordering on the ridiculous! How many did she have altogether? And what happened to her?

    1. Nobody knows how many there were. She ‘owned’ upwards of ten (plus the dog), was looking after several for a cats protection society, but there were at least two dozen that swarmed around the place in the days after she left, and the rumour of 42 cats was bandied about. I can’t believe anybody could have counted so many, but it was quite an invasion.

      1. I’ll bet it was! Like all the cats in the community had come to check if she was really gone and pay their respects… very strange.

      2. She was obviously functioning as a cats’ soup kitchen for all the strays (and the not at all strays) of the neighbourhood. Some of them will be okay, others won’t. The lost causes hung around longest and I’m hoping they were the ones that were caught first.


    1. One person officially ‘owned’ around 10 of them, was officially looking after a few more, and had unofficially ‘acquired’ an indeterminate number estimated at anywhere between 10 and 20. That’s a lot of cats.

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