Poetry challenge #9: free style with a catch

This week I’m asking you to write a poem, any poem, in any form, long, short, with or without bells on it. The only thing I’m insisting on is that you start each line with the same letter.

I wrote one like this on Monday: Gulls and it was a fun sort of exercise.

If you’d like a first word prompt to get things rolling, try:

cat, city, crocodile, crocus, caravan, circus.

And/or incorporate one of these adjectives:

capricious, captivating, calm, calamitous, curious.

Need a verb?

career, canter, climb, contort, clamber, circle.

You probably guessed, I have chosen the letter C. Choose a different one of you prefer, I’m easy. Here is my C poem.



Creeping, mouse-searching,

Carefully padding, pace quickening after

Cowering mouse darts

Crazily through tree tangle to

Cover, almost.


Cat leaps,



Clinging to the twitching hot-blooded fur.

Cringing mouse freezes, biding time,

Calling up reserves of

Courage and speed.

Claws retract, mouse scuttles,

Cogs turn too quickly, paw swipes.



Cracking tiny bones.


Remember, you have a whole week to create your single letter poem. And don’t forget the link to your blog if you post it there. Cheers!



Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

31 thoughts on “Poetry challenge #9: free style with a catch”

  1. So I promised you I would join in after NaNo and I have. But I am rubbish at poetry and I have probably broken a hundred rules of commas or whatever, but I gave it a go anyway. Don’t laugh!

    Dark and murky, this blindness suffocates me,
    Deathly quiet, muffled like a blanket of snow yet,
    Doubt bangs as loudly as the morning sun shines

    Deep in my chest a potent concoction of
    dread and exhilaration matts together like glue
    deaf to the dangers of love, I
    dance willingly into her arms.

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