Secret Keeper’s poetry challenge

The Secret Keeper’s prompt words this week were:


The first poem I wrote was this, very short one.

No stony heart


There is no stony heart,

So strait, so strict,

It has never a flaw,

That the notes of love’s sweet song,

Cannot part and enter in.


Then I realised that by tweaking one word (substituting a synonym for ‘strict’) the poem I was already working on fitted the prompt pretty well.




Leaf drifts earthwards,

Slowly, slowly,

From the mother branch, black ’gainst the sky.


Sky fills with snow falling,

Softly, softly,

Sailing a sea of stone-grey cloud.


Clouds break and scatter,

Silently, silently,

Gold-seamed, ink-swirled, riding the wind.


Wind from the north blows,

Wildly, wildly,

Shaking the last gold from winter trees.


Trees filled with birds singing,

Sweetly, sweetly,

Every note so flawless and true.


True to yourself, you walk,

Stiffly, stiffly

Striding through snowflakes, birdsong, heartbeats.


Heartbeats and song echo,

Joyfully, joyfully,

For I walk beyond sadness in the gold-seamed sky.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

20 thoughts on “Secret Keeper’s poetry challenge”

  1. The first speaks the truth of a heart that needs thawing. A sweet love song will do it most times. I like the though. It’s sad the heart gets that way. Your use of the 5 words worked so well in the first and very gracefully in your second. Winter coming on. The remaining leaves falling as the wind blows and the snow falls. The notes of the birds singing. It almost felt like Spring was close by. I love the phrase “the gold-seamed sky.” It’s a great image. I like to think of the 5 word prompt as a word puzzle. You have these words that need to find a place in a poem or a short story. Somehow, the more one plays around with the pieces as of a jigsaw puzzle, eventually they fit into place. It is like magic when the moment happens. They may be more to do to tuck them in snuggly but it is reassuring when it comes to you. It does come to you as an inspiration. I feel it in your writing. – jk


    1. Thank you! There is a sense of working out a puzzle, but often your choice of words fit together more or less naturally, as if there is an underlying scheme behind them. I’m looking forward to seeing your suggestions in the coming year 🙂 A very happy and peaceful New Year to you too.


      1. They are chosen randomly through a secret method which remains mysterious. I am pleased they work as natural as possible when writing a poem or short fiction. The future choices, I hope, will be to your liking.

        Thank you for your wish of a happy and peaceful New Year. Believe me I can use your wish. I will share the wish with you, also. 🙂

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