New series begins

I can’t wait for tomorrow. I’ve waited so long already and the launch is practically upon us! The first volume of my YA series about wormholes, the apocalypse and a pair of young lovers is about to be released. January 26th to be precise. Here’s the cover for starters.



Here’s the Finch Books holding page while the website clunks into action

and here’s a short excerpt from the opening chapters of Abomination.


Carla screamed, and the pile of dining chairs tottered and collapsed into an impossible tangle. Tully‘s face hit the floor, as the whole cellar seemed to rise and fall back with a deafening crash. From the floors above came an ominous rumbling and the cascading shriek of breaking glass.

He shoved backward, hard. A table skittered sideways, shedding its load of baskets and boxes over his back, and he was free. Carla was crouched by the door, pointing the flashlight down the corridor. She turned as Tully blundered to join her.

“I couldn’t hold him!” Her eyes were distraught. “He ran off behind the boiler.”

Tully’s annoyance dissolved instantly. Carla was almost at the end of her rope.

“Let’s go get him then,” he said, with what he hoped was a jaunty air, “before the whole bloody building falls down.”

They ran to the end of the corridor, Tully wondering if he was completely mad, playing hide and seek with a spoilt moggy in the middle of an earthquake.

“Come on, Tattoo. Time to get in your basket,” Carla cajoled. A stripy tail flicked in and out of sight in the shadows behind the boiler.

“Here. Try this.” Tully fished a squashed piece of focaccia out of his jacket pocket. “I was saving it for later,” he explained apologetically. Tattoo poked his nose out and sniffed. “Get ready.” One paw crept forward then another, nose and whiskers twitched with interest, as Tully placed the oil-scented bread on the floor just out of the cat’s reach. He flexed his hands and braced himself, ready to lose a couple of fingers.

Suddenly the cat froze, whiskers trembling in agitation, ears flicked back against his skull, and fur standing on end. Tully lunged and the cat backed away spitting, backing away not from Tully’s hands but from a round hole in the wall. It was a hole the size of a manhole cover, a hole that contained a blackness darker than any blackness Tully had ever seen, a blackness that vibrated and whined and moved like ink spreading through a glass of black water. Intrigued, Tully reached out a questing hand to the hole, the vibrating emptiness, whatever it was.


Carla shouted a warning, No! and grabbed his other hand to pull him away as the ground shifted and buckled again. As they staggered, falling, floundering, the hole appeared to tip toward them, growing in size, reaching out to enclose them both. Above their heads the building shook itself apart, and they plunged into the humming darkness.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

55 thoughts on “New series begins”

  1. Well that was exciting! I cant believe you never mentioned your launch date till now… congratulations! Great cover, too! 😁

      1. Well its great that it’s all starting to happen. Have you got a lot of promo stuff lined up for it? You’ve hardly mentioned it. It all seems so relaxed! 😀

      2. The 26th is the launch of the imprint and the first eight books. They’ll be available for sale through the Finch Books website, but the general release isn’t until March so there’s going to be two months of promotion after the website goes live.


      1. Ok I will wait till March then, I only read on kindle these days I go to bed after my partner so it’s not fair to put the light back on to read a proper book!! I’ll put it on my wish list so I don’t forget x

  2. Tantalising. I have the utmost respect for decent YA fiction writers. And with a ready-made audience of YA’s on my radar (daughters breed rabbits friends and relations) I will certainly draw it to a few potential readers. Congratulations indeed – birthing books is to be heralded and applauded loudly 🙂

  3. Where did this come from, you sneaky pup! How exciting is this, quite made my evening! And the teaser is just that. Not sure I understood the 3 versus 8 comments between you and Ali – is that some Irish code? But wonderful and looking forward to it!!

    1. If it had been up to me I’d have been bragging about it for months, but the publisher joined a much bigger group and the publishing schedule was hanging in suspense for ages. I’ve only had the definitive dates for a few weeks but was asked to hold fire on the cover reveal etc until everything was in place for the launch. The 3 or 8 business was just Ali assuming that Finch books were going to launch with 8 books all written by me. She credits me with magical powers, that one 🙂

      1. Such a superhero, she forgets about mortals. Mind you, three books suggests superpowers to me Jane. Glad you can release the beast now. Attagirl!!

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