Poetry challenge Shadorma: the entries



Another clutch of splendid poems this week—congratulations all of us! I shall definitely be using this form again, probably for another challenge, and probably with a theme next time.

First poem in this week was from Lady Lee in Manila—summer time romance 🙂



Jennifer Knoblock’s first attempt at shadorma. She certainly packs a lot into 26 syllables!

We are possible in layers | Graceful Press Poetry


From Ken and the coffee obsession lobby

: Elixir of Lucidity | rivrvlogr

morning drag
thoughts barely lucid
water boiled
ground beans’ scent
magic roast steeped, pressed and poured
clarity, at last.


From Claudia McGill and her inimitable dry humour

Snow in Two Acts

Melting snow
slipping off
hoping for a quick exit
while you look elsewhere.

Falling snow
showed no such remorse
on a whim
making itself quite at home
without being asked.



A bland of shadorma and eco poetry from Veronica

Weep for water – Simply Snapshots


Merril and that ol’ humming moon.



From Sri Sudha, another pure romance poem 🙂




From Elusive Trope and a watchful blackbird

Playing Chess with Ingmar Bergman | Elusive Trope


Kerfe also liked the City of Dreams idea



A haunting (if that expression isn’t too hackneyed) shadorma from Crow



Janice, after worrying about the difficulty of the form produced this little beauty

Rose layers light the sky – Ontheland


Ken got the bit between his teeth and slipped in another one just before the doors closed


strength exceptional
function indisputable


Thanks again for the fun. I do have favourites among these, but I keep that part to myself. They are all little flashes of brilliance, unique and perfect in their own way. New theme tomorrow.

I hope all the links are live—I’m having computer problems and the preview fucntion on WP is one of the things I can’t connect to.

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