Poetry challenge Tree Shadorma: the entries

Once again, the shadorma set the creative juices flowing and produced the longest list of contributions yet, I think.

First in was Kat Myrman with a hopeful poem, reminding us that even bare winter trees hold the seeds of spring.



Ken with a trio of very determined trees

Steadfast | rivrvlogr


choked, slaughtered,
near decimation,
their true worth long neglected,
yet surviving, still

upon close
of a natural order
becomes evident

on the move,
a forest of trees
cloaked in stealth
beyond a faint horizon,
marching firmly on.


A first time entry from Gradmama with a clutch of three shadorma. That last line is a surprise punch in the gut 🙂

A trio of Shadorma poems of Trees


Bill Engleson chooses to ignore the mist, either mysterious or threatening, and just gives us his love of trees. Beautiful.


Deep grey woods,
Sun’s shimmering hope
pushing through,
warming me
as I catch my breath, leaning
on the heart of Oak.




Crow’s poem is pure delight. Any poem with ‘bold fish’ in it has my vote.



Merril goes one step over and above the call of duty and gives us a rhyming shadorma—a tribute to two girls, full of a naive joy.

February Oak: Poetry Challenge #17, Shadorma | Yesterday and today: Merril’s historical musings


To be expected, a particularly delicate poem from Jennifer. I love the contrast between the statements about the unbending stoicity of trees, and the breaking into leaf and bud.

Breathe | Graceful Press Poetry


An interesting take by Doug the Elusive Trope, who concentrates on the atmosphere of the picture and the possible message that is carried in the misty air.

Protocal | Elusive Trope


Kerfe’s poem (and illustrations) is a tribute to life, full of clever word play.

What Grows Here? | method two madness


I love the mystical element of Natalia’s thoughts on trees.

Between Heaven and Earth | Weaving Gold


Janice sees benevolence in her trees, gentle and protective.

Hidden Life of Trees – Ontheland


Carol’s poem picks up the attitude of the trees, watchful and attentive.

Gathering~Shadorma – WritersDream9


Geoff—someone else who has a thing about the omnipotence of god coffee! Clever 🙂

Freed from Writer’s Block

Cleaving words
To your will is hard
With sharp mind
And coffee
You’ll unearth the grain hidden
In your wooden prose.


Jazzytower with a poem full of the damp dripping of fog



A second one from Kerfe. The gorgeous collage illustrations steal the show for me.

Stars of Everything (for Thornton Dial) | method two madness


And last, Sri with and epic stanza shadorma-style poem



Thanks so much for these small gems of poetry. Who would ever have thought that 26 syllables could convey so much?

New theme tomorrow. Must get on and think of one…

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      1. Don’t say that jane…you really do a great job..I was never into reading. But, your prompts n posts have inspired me to read more…your efforts definitely need applauds…

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