Poetry challenge Echo Verse: the entries

This one was a real challenge for me. Judging from the poems that came in, some of you found it easier than I did and actually produced some satisfying poetry.

Sri was the first in this week, and came back a couple of times as she got into her stride. I admire her persistence and striving to improve with each attempt. I’ll post all her entries together.






Kat Myrman too found the form hard to get into. You wouldn’t know from the result though.



Ken’s poem is a variant on the echo theme, using the echo word to lead into the next phrase. I think this is the most satisfying way to get the echo to give the poem flow.

Echoes of regret

I’d sell you for a song
After love was gone
Would not come to me
Me from the blindness
Would have shown
We’d gone on too long



Éilis really got her teeth into this form and flew away with it.

Echo Poem | The Sound of What Happens


Merril has devised her own variation, with the echo as link word and the poem coming full circle. Clever.

The Cold, Grey Days of Winter | Yesterday and today: Merril’s historical musings


Veronica’s is yet another personal variation, bending the rules to make a poem that echoes wherever it wants to.



Kim has also used the style of echo as link in a lovely sunny poem

Grandmother’s Comfort – writing in north norfolk

Grandmother’s Comfort

In a pot on the kitchen windowsill
Basking in the weak spring rays
Of brightness lie ahead
Like the table cloth where Grandmother’s sitting
Unravelled jumpers into a patchwork blanket
At the end of life’s storm


Janice uses the echo very effectively to give the poem momentum

Snow angel echoes – Ontheland


Kerfe’s poem knits the echo word into the fabric of the poem. A beautifully put together piece of work.



Geoff’s entry is, not entirely surprisingly, is a clever, witty little poem.

Beauty is in the eye
am always told.
claims perhaps for
chaps or
lassies whose sight
be not
it used to be.


Doug, the Elusive Trope struggled with this one almost all week. The echo effect to my mind emphasises the repetitivity and often futility of gesticulation.

A Movement | Elusive Trope


I think everybody deserves a round of applause this week for grappling with this rather rebarbative form. Some good poems in there. I’ll make tomorrow’s challenge one that doesn’t require quite so much wrangling.

Oops, almost forgot to add this one, a late entry for the shadorma challenge. I’m always pleased to receive your poems. The brain doesn’t always follow the good intention of posting though.

And…the pingback didn’t work. Try again.







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