Poetry challenge Hourglass poems: the entries

A bumper crop this week, so a big thank you to everyone who participated and pondered on participating. Lovely poems as usual.


Elaine, a first timer was also first in this week. Elaine posted from twitter and WP won’t show her address, so if you’re reading this Elaine, send me a link next time and I’ll be pleased to post it.

Winter’s freezing grasp
squeezing back life
the earth
weak shoots
gather strength
and push together:
Verdant uprising!

Jennifer. Gorgeous as usual. Just read it and enjoy.

March 2, 05:30 | Graceful Press Poetry

Kat—not dull at all but bright and uplifting.

Dull | like mercury colliding…

Ken’s bird’s eye view. Lovely.

Flying Free

darkness, like a hood
at once
pent energy
prized light and freedom

forward beat of wings
reeling higher
seeking prey
quick turn
eyes fixed
ground rising
closing on prey
talons find their mark

visions of darkness
clouding hunger
for freedom
wings beat
wild and free
bidding farewell
constraints left behind


Peter sent in a conifer poem first, but we’ll let that pass.


and a second poem that really is an hourglass, with a beautiful nautical theme.


Geoff’s first attempt, he wasn’t quite satisfied with. Second attempt, bet he wishes he’d had a chance 🙂

The price of the hourglass

It is every girl’s dream
That one day she’ll
Achieve the
Though wise
Heads warn her
She’ll regret the
Figure paid for that dream

Marilyn Monroe’s
Shapely bosom
Led Men’s eyes
To her
From where
Those same men
Concluded she
Had no brains. Dickheads

Natalia with a magical ‘chalice’.

Cauldron of Creativity | Weaving Gold

Sri with an hourglass take on the nine waves theme she has adopted 🙂


Merril with two playfull, springlike poems.

Flowers and Books, Two Hourglass Poems | Yesterday and today: Merril’s historical musings

Pat—with a blaze of colour and turning seasons

Time | thoughts and entanglements

Kerfe—with a title like that, who else could have written it?

Fierce Fossils | method two madness

Janice—placid and hushed, waiting for spring.

I say ‘cattail’–you say ‘bulrush’ – Ontheland

Kim—the exact opposite to peaceful, all sparks and electricity.

The Truth of Words – an hour glass poem – writing in north norfolk

Doug—takes the reader from here to megalithic times in the space of a few lines. Tremendous.

Recital | Elusive Trope

Marje sent in this delicate little hourglass, so appropriate for the theme, just as I was preparing the post.


Thanks again. The poetry is wonderful, it really is. Tomorrow, another theme. Be prepared for a change of tempo.

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