Poetry challenge cinquain: the entries

Here are the entries for the cinquain challenge in order of reception. There were a couple of recurring themes this week—birds, especially big birds, and peace after the storm or the struggle. A great combination that brought a series of poems that surprised me with their subtlety. You can all give yourselves a big pat on the back 🙂

Sri with a couple of poems on the storm theme. I particularly liked the second one and the way she listens to the gentler sounds of the rain.




Kim from North Norfolk. Like Kat’s raptor poem (I realise I’m taking these in reverse order), this one starts with a bang and ends with a sigh. Very effective in such a short poem.

End of the Storm – writing in north norfolk


Merril with a couple of raven poems to make you love the big black carrion birds. The tender antidote to The Crow’s poems 🙂

The Raven Flies | Yesterday and today: Merril’s historical musings


Kat Myrman with a couple of lovely cinquains

Memories/Rain – A Few Cinquain | like mercury colliding…

then another one after she’d read the rules 🙂 This last one I especially like as it swoops from terror-inspiring to gentle nesting bird.

Cinquain Part 2 | like mercury colliding…


Kerfe with word pictures and pictures of poems. Lovely! Beautiful avian artwork 🙂

Cardinals (Draw-a-Bird Day) | method two madness


Jennifer at Graceful Press with a gentle spring growth poem. One of my favourites.

Sunflower etc. | Graceful Press Poetry


Jazzytower with some terrific images that take in all the elements.

Brewing Storm Cinquain | thoughts and entanglements


Ken with a trio of poems concentrating on the aftermath of a storm and how it’s all just part of the natural cycle. Lovely imagery.



Elusive Trope. Love this one. A reminder of when winters really were cold.

Early Spring Concert | Elusive Trope


The Crow with a poem brilliant as usual but not so dark. To read over and over. Another of my favourites.

Poem 20160408


Janice with a couple of beautiful, hopeful poems I wish I’d received after Mr Todd’s to cheer me up a little.

Green shoots inspire hope for the future – Ontheland


Mr Todd with a terribly poignant poem

Hooyah… – A Flash of Fiction…

A great anthology again. Thank you! Tomorrow’s theme is sorted, for once, if only I can remember where I put the link…


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