Poetry challenge #26: Constanza

We’ve had a week off, so it’s back to the rhymes, folks. This is a pleasing form with a gentle, repetitive rhyme scheme that makes me think of waves rolling up a beach. The constanza is described here:


Very simple really, three line stanzas with a rhyme pattern of ABB ACC ADD AEE etc for as long as you like.

Please leave your links in the comments before next Tuesday. A pingback that links to this post is helpful as sometimes the ordinary link doesn’t work.

Here’s my example.


There is no light in the world today,

Though the sun pours down from a sky of blue,

You took the joy away with you.


Summer-soft clouds are tinged with grey,

The river snarls at the passing breeze,

Sliding restless beneath the trees.


No lingering shadows to betray,

The hurt of this night’s cruel work,

Only in my head they lurk.


No words no plea would make you stay,

Though I’d give you the moon and stars above,

You turned your back on my heart, my love.


No sun, no song where the blackbirds play,

No flash of gold in the spring hedgerows,

Still I watch the road as the darkness grows.



Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

26 thoughts on “Poetry challenge #26: Constanza”

    1. Hi Cheryl, hope you’ll make this a regular visit. Don’t worry about rules. If it works it works. The original idea of the constanza was to have all the first lines rhyming and making up a stand alone poem. That last bit was something I hadn’t realised either, but if you have a string of lines that rhyme, chances are they make a poem anyway. If you want to post another one that follows the rules in the strictest sense, please do. Otherwise, I like the poem you’ve written and think the repeated first line just increases its impact.

      1. Do. It’s always worth pushing it a bit further. I haven’t attempted any of the really complicated rhyming patterns, but this one is just hard enough to make it worth the effort 🙂

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