30 thoughts on “Hello!”

      1. I can see your about post, but I tried another and it come up with web forgery.
        I have reported it as not a forgery to google.

      2. Thanks! I think it’s come from an added security thingy WordPress has installed that’s having the opposite effect. Should be working now (touch wood).

      1. The vagaries of the computer age are mysterious and annoying πŸ™‚

        Glad all’s well! I tend to get amused by these things, as they show us that the machines are really in control…

      2. I hate it. Not being able to work out how to do something really gets under my skin. And when it’s technology there’s absolutely no question that I’ll be able to sort it out without help. Luckily the WP cavalry were having a slack morning.

      1. I had an issue with wp locking me out of my site a few months back. It was something a program flagged. After I contacted them, they unlocked everything. Hope someone can help you. It did take a few days with no news or information. Frustrating.

      2. I had that last year. This I think is because of WordPress security software that’s being flagged as a security menace. I hope it’s been resolved now.

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