Poetry challenge San San: the entries

The san san is a form I am very much taken with, repeated images and a reasonably loose rhyme scheme so it doesn’t develop a predictable sing-song rhythm. Thanks to all of you who had a bash at it, your poetry is a joy to read.

Call by tomorrow for the next theme.


Merril was first in this week with the ultimate in romantic poetry. Selkies—beautiful!

NaPoWriMo: Selkie | Yesterday and today: Merril’s historical musings


Kerfe with a poem that lifts the reader to the stars. I love this kind of imagery.

Poem in Your Pocket Day | method two madness


Kat with a bittersweet poem about letting go.

A Lifetime of Goodbyes | like mercury colliding…


Sri with another seafaring poem full of brightness and optimism.



Peace and tranquility ooze from Janice’s poem.

Spring moon contemplation – Ontheland


Doug the Elusive Trope with a san san in the form of a play. So much unsaid. Elusive even.

Who’s Afraid of Anton Chekhov? | Elusive Trope


Ken with a poem that drifts through the elements, water, flight and poetry. Lovely.

Water and Air | rivrvlogr



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Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

33 thoughts on “Poetry challenge San San: the entries”

  1. Hello Jane … following a link to your last week’s post, I just got a security warning … someone has used your site for phishing or so says Google. I thought you might like to know …

    1. Thanks! I thought that post had gone out okay. I can’t see anything at all except the red security warning. I’ve changed my password and will try and post something to see if I can.

      1. You might want to go onto the WordPress forum to see if they’ve got anything to suggest in these cases. Or maybe a google forum.

      2. Phishing is a nasty piece of work … a form of fraud where someone steals your site coordinates and then uses your site as a cover to try to get people to give them their passwords for things like credit cards … etchttp://searchsecurity.techtarget.com/definition/phishing.

      3. You’d think they’d choose a more appropriate site then. The opportunities for credit card fraud from my blog are limited even to my imagination 🙂

      4. Not sure .. I don’t – I’ve got an app to shut them down as soon as the pop-up. But sometimes they open a second page anyway. The problem seems to be the buttons to turn them off … they sometimes just reroutes the user and zap .. they get hacked.

      5. I don’t think I’d like that either … I’ve got enough bother with the telephone promos … wouldn’t want that stuff popping up all the time.

      6. It’s the bare-faced arrogance of it—spamming authors with your book ‘if you’re a reader, you might be interested in…’ Just shows they don’t even bother to look at your profile before they spam. I know it’s a machine that sends the message, but it’s a human being who sets up the programme;

      7. All in the line of the hard sale. I suppose they think if they bombard you enough you might buy their book … or whatever. Yes it’s a program – or rather a robot … and there’s no sense in it at all.

      1. Yes, I think you’ll have to do that … hopefully all will work out well quickly! And this might make a good post for the future.

      2. Changing the password doesn’t help. The forum says it won’t because whoever has hacked my blog has left cookies on it and I have to track them down and do god-knows-what-all else.

      3. I understand what you’re going through … WordPress isn’t very helpful when there are real problems, sigh, they just tend to jabber jargon. I was trying to figure out how to use a plug-in for backing up my blog, but I’ve got no “Plug-in” voice in my directory! And the more I try to figure out how to add the plug-in the worse it gets as they keep telling me to go to the Voice Plugin … etc … a sort of Catch 22!

      4. Somebody did explain to me how to do a back-up and I actually did one. But it’s something you ought to do almost every day, and i’ve forgotten how to do it anyway… Just the word plug-in makes my eyes glaze over;

      5. You and me both … I’ve the feeling that in order to get a plug-in to work I’ll have to do something like installing a code editor or something .. and I’ve never been either fond of or good at programming. 😦

      6. You’d think there was a simple way to do a back-up. In fact, if I’ve ever done one it must have been simple. I’ll have to ask the friend who told me in the first place.

      7. There doesn’t seem to be a simple way … if you come across something I’d sure like to know. It’s usually a good idea so backup your work.

      8. Thanks … so do I. To tell the truth I’ve gotten into the habit of copying my post into Word doc form … but it would be nice to just do a backup – it’d be a lot handier I think.

    1. I can see the posts if I scroll through the categories, but get the warning message if I click on the post. The engineers can’t find the problem. If it’s a global problem I find that reassuring 🙂 Stupid.

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