Poetry challenge Moonlight: the entries

Last week’s challenge was slightly different as I was battling with various issues. You rallied valiantly though with some brilliant pieces of poetry which, to my mind, captured the slightly unsettling nature of the painting.

In order of arrival:

Patricia Salamone with the only poem this week that reflects the images of a moonlit garden, the peace and sensations, without any of the impending disaster that everybody else seemed to catch. I wish I’d read this one last 🙂



Ken’s poem is restless more than disturbing, but with the same image of something not quite at peace that comes over in almost all the poems this week.

Shadowed Path | rivrvlogr


Doug the Elusive Trope with a poem full of menace, impending doom, and the white-faced figure a bulwark against his vision of disaster.

Harbringer | Elusive Trope


Merril, really going the whole hog with the shadow theme. Unexpected and somehow inevitable ending.

The Long Walk | Yesterday and today: Merril’s historical musings


Even Ali finally got it together this week and produced a truly magical poem.

Fire and Water | Prose and Poetry


Kat with a very gentle, melancholy triolet.

Her Shadow Looms – A Triolet | like mercury colliding…


Janice dispersing the mad gloom somewhat with a poem full of hope in what comes after the shadows disperse.

In times of darkness – Ontheland


Kim from North Norfolk with a poem that grabbed me with the disjointed appearance on the page, the fragmented images, and a general atmosphere of madness.

Maddening Moonlight – writing in north norfolk


Kerfe with another poem inspired by the shadows in the painting, that follows that path into the darkness of a troubled mind.

Moonlit Shadows | method two madness


Tricia Drammeh with a haiku (that incidentally I find does work with the painting), followed by a three stanza poem that reads like an enchanted story.

Jane’s Poetry Challenge #28 – A Creative State of Mind


Sri with a couple of triolets. The first, my favourite, starts with a tremendous image.



and a third with the rhyming scheme of a Limerick



Last in, Geoff with a sonnet—appropriate for the unusually serious approach he took this week.

Shadow play #poetry #poems | TanGental

What an eclectic mix of poems this week! I loved reading the different feelings the painting produced, from peaceful melancholy to outright madness and despair. Tremendous writing, all of you. Tomorrow, I’m tempted to use a similar prompt. We’ll see.


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Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

11 thoughts on “Poetry challenge Moonlight: the entries”

  1. “Shadow” seemed to be an unofficial word too! I really enjoyed the variations in what each person saw in Munch’s painting. Not everyone embraces the dark side. (K)

  2. Phenomenal, Jane! Look at the monster you have created! Your challenge is huge, and growing. Well done. 😊

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