Microfiction: Buzz

I’m not making any excuses for this. I’ve been plagued with migraines since Tuesday, and I am only gradually feeling this last one subsiding. Blame Charli Mills’ Carrot Ranch writing prompt. She wanted insects, she got insects.

Photo ©Opoterser


I have always loathed spiders, squished every one that got too close, mercilessly. Not surprising this drifting, restless dream, probably inspired by indigestion, has a big, fat spider in it. Its eyes, red and globular stare into mine, its hairy mandibles fidget. Its awful bulk scuttles closer. Even though it’s a dream I feel sick. I moan and try to wake, struggling against some tough, sticky stuff, binding my arms and legs. I hear the click click of those awful jaws. The eyes hypnotise. I try to scream, and my voice is the faint buzz of a dying fly.


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Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

32 thoughts on “Microfiction: Buzz”

  1. What a horrifying nightmare! Walking my dog on a trail years ago, an unnoticed spider bit my calf. Over the days, the bite site swelled. Went to two clinics and got misdiagnosed. The hospital eventually diagnosed me with MRSA or I could have lost my leg. Spiders are not my friends. 😦

  2. Oh that is grizzly. I don’t know which I detest more – the thought of being devoured by a spider, or of being the fly! You have captured the nightmare well.

    1. I’m not keen on flies either, but I do help bees when they get caught in spider webs. Silly really, but the idea of them being wrapped up and sucked dry by a spider just gives me the creeps.

  3. The creep factor goes off the charts with that last chilling line! I’m rather fascinated by spiders — outside. I think you actually eeked a bit of empathy from me for a fly! Hope that migraine is gone.

  4. Yikes! What a terrifying way to go. Not keen on spiders. Not keen on flies either. Their place is not in my house. If they dare to venture in, they get what’s coming, I’m afraid. Spiders beautiful??? Jane, that migraine must be worse than I thought. Hope it fades away soon. Xxx

      1. Oh poor you! I really feel for you. I dont know how you function like that. Can’t doctors help you? Witch doctors? Wish I could give you some Reiki. Xxx

      2. The drugs help the migraine but they give me insomnia, and insomnia causes another migraine. I’m just in one of those vicious circles. I haven’t take a tablet today so maybe I’ll sleep and the bloody things will go away.

  5. The buzz in my house is that spiders in the rafters will be (mostly) undisturbed, but if they come down into my space, they’re fair game. Yes, I like spiders. Flat ones…

  6. Yikes! What a terrifying nightmare! I’m sorry to hear about your migraines. I’ve had awful headaches, but never days of migraines. How are you even writing?

    Hope you’re feeling better soon! My sister was telling me about some type of cream that’s supposed to help migraines, but then she forgot to show me. If I find out, I’ll let you know. It probably won’t help you completely, but it might be soothing.

    1. Thanks Merril 🙂 I’ll ask the doctor when I see her about new developments. The medication I have usually works for the head and the nausea but makes me insomniac. Something less radical would be good.

  7. Spiders don’t bother me too much (at least they didn’t until I read your flash!). At the very least they offer my cats some entertainment (and rarely survive if they enter into our space because one of my cats tends to pound the spiders into the ground with his paw, then roll over on the spiders for good measure). However, spider webs freak me out like nothing else. Even from a distance they make me shudder.

    1. I like the webs of garden spiders, as long as the spider isn’t at home, but the ropy things that hang in the corners of houses give me the shudders. Our cats don’t like spiders at all. Nor does the dog.

      1. One of my cats like to remove spider legs one at a time…then leave the result for me to find in the bathroom at 2 am. Yeah, my cats have a sick sense of humor.

      2. I hope you keep them away from birds and small rodents. Ours will chase and torment the big things, the things we like to try and save, but they’re very squeamish about creepy crawlies.

      3. They are indoor-only cats, so no birds, but I live in the country, so mice and voles try to come inside during the winters…never a happy ending for the visitors 😦

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