Poetry challenge: Message in a bottle

It’s round up day (and I don’t mean you, Monsanto—you know what you can do). The image seemed to unlock childhood memories of summer beaches, as well as feelings of loss and clutching at last hopes. Thanks for casting these lovely creations into the blogosphere.

First in was Jennifer, the Graceful Press poet, kicking off with a lovely beach poem of tumbled waves and smooth pebbles.

under sea-sky | Graceful Press Poetry


Then Sarah from the south west with another beautiful poem, the image of the message as lifeline.

Message in a bottle | fmme writes poems


Lady Lee’s poem washed up from the Philippines with a hopeful message that seems to be her trade mark 🙂

Message in a Bottle – ladyleemanila


Peter from the land of tall ships, with this tall story 🙂 Once again, an amazing tour de force from a non-native speaker 🙂



Merril from across the pond with a wonderful cleave poem—the message as last hope, full of longing.

The Messages | Yesterday and today: Merril’s historical musings


Kat Myrman (when I wrote this I spelt it Merman!) with another lovely cleave poem, waiting, but clinging to hope with determination and optimism.

Serendipity | like mercury colliding…


The Crow is back with a deceptively straightforward poem, and that characteristic sock in the jaw at the end.

(poem 20160519) – Caw!


Sri, at home among her fishing boats and brilliant sunsets sent this musing on the possible message inside the bottle.



Kerfe who left this gorgeous parting shot, and the message spelt out for us to read.

Sea Songs | method two madness


Kim from North Norfolk—Peter’s spiritual cousin, with a drop of pure magic, and mermaids 🙂

I Put my Poem in a Bottle – writing in north norfolk


Ken, more rivers than ocean in my imagination—his ocean is the night sky. Lovely 🙂

Stellar Plea | rivrvlogr


The bashful H Bhatnagar, inventor of the two-phrase story who didn’t want to post this little gem in a blog post.

“my thoughts meander to that night
so ethereal was that sight
The rain without, the storm within
my oft remembered silver sin
scratched off my placid skin and yet
I’ve never tried to forget…”


Tricia’s poem is a note to self, the forgetting here is personal, a message that goes straight to the heart.

Poetry Challenge: Message in a Bottle – A Creative State of Mind


Janice, who I associate with the whole Earth, and it’s the entire Earth that is concerned by the message of her poem. If only we listened a bit harder.

Message in a Bottle – Ontheland


Late arrival, Geoff Le Pard brought this rhyming anecdote just to lower the tone, I mean, lighten spirits. Thanks for the laugh, Geoff 🙂

Adrift #poem #prompt #poetry | TanGental



Thanks for much to you all for sending in these ‘ethereal’ poems. Call in tomorrow for a new prompt. Sensitive souls should now avert their gaze because I’m going to do a PLUG.

Gooseclick button

In fact I’m going to do two since I can.



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19 thoughts on “Poetry challenge: Message in a bottle”

  1. There are some great poems and, bum, I’m late. I’ve just scheduled a poem for tomorrow and then realised I was toooooo late. Still, it’s coming out so, sorry to be a time-klutz.

    1. Thank you 🙂 It’s fun for everybody, I think. And it’s good to try new ideas. I never dreamed I’d try out so many formal poetry styles, but I’m enjoying it hugely.

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