Poetry challenge Silent cascade: the entries

I’m not up to giving a detailed round up this week, sorry about that, but I’m in pain and drugged up with pain killers so whatever I had to say wouldn’t be worth reading. Your poems have been a bit of brightness in a pretty dire week. Thank you!

Ken was first in

Peace, If Not Quiet | rivrvlogr

and a second offering

Cascade | rivrvlogr




Artemis | Yesterday and today: Merril’s historical musings


The Cascade of the Night โ€“ Fantasy Raconteur


Is There a Doorway | method two madness




Faerie Voices on the Wind โ€“ A Cascade Poem | like mercury colliding…

Mr Bhatnagar

Your tresses loosed, raven cascade
Our wild abandon in the shade
Watching an eagle soar on high
The rippling brook soft bubbled by
I wish we could have longer stayed

The Crow



Words take flight โ€“ Ontheland


Poetry Challenge: Cascade โ€“ A Creative State of Mind


Cascade Poetry Challenge โ€“ Longing | Journey To Ambeth




Eyrie | Sue Vincent โ€“ Daily Echo

Geoff with a pingback! This is getting serious ๐Ÿ™‚

Is silence ever golden? #poem #poetry #prompt | TanGental

Sorry not to be in a position to show my appreciation more, but they are a beautiful collection of poems. These rather off-beat, dreamy pictures bring out the best in you. Thanks again for your efforts and I’ll try and get my head round a prompt for tomorrow.


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34 thoughts on “Poetry challenge Silent cascade: the entries”

  1. I’d hoped the physio would have helped, but it seems not. Hope you’re resting up and giving it a chance to heal. Xxx

      1. God I hope so. I ache for you just thinking about it. Also try some Reiki. It is great for managing pain and it really works.

      2. Don’t talk to me about goals! We have just been lumbered with the largest fan zone in France after Paris for the fecking football. Great disgruntlement from the population but the general opinion is that the booze lobby cannot be denied down here.

      3. Yikes! Sorry I mentioned it! Although they weren’t actually the kind of goals I meant… Hehe!

    1. I’ll try to remember to add this link to this week’s challenge entries. Try being the operative word. The round up next week is a big dayโ€”signing for the new/old house, the summer solstice, and a new book coming out!

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