Microfiction: Struggle

This is for the Daily Post prompt.909px-Johannessen_-_Kräftiger_Sturm_-_1918-22

They stand side by side in the road, not touching though they have only each other. The trees, caught by the gale bend and sway, shrieking in anger. The mother turns and looks back at the house through the quaking pine branches and she leans, almost imperceptibly, her back to the wind, letting it catch her steps to push them back the way they have come.

“No!” her daughter screams above the furious wind. “It’s finished. We’re not going back.”

The woman hangs her head, hiding her face as if sheltering it from the lashing rain. Her daughter knows better, knows that her mother’s eyes will be full of tears.

“He’s a pig and you know it!”

The daughter stands firm against the gale, glaring at the black clouds and the squat house where the windows are dark. She waits but she will not give her mother her arm.

Reluctantly, the woman turns away from the house, her home, her life, bracing herself for the force of the wind, the storm, and her daughter’s anger. Stifling a sob, she takes the first step and feels herself break with the effort.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

17 thoughts on “Microfiction: Struggle”

  1. I stood behind the tree and listened through the wind as the relationship revealed a struggle. It was as if the picture was there to capture your words.

  2. Sad, but I’m glad she got up the courage to leave. He IS a pig! 🙂

    You find the most interesting paintings, too. I may have to “steal” this one as a prompt.

      1. To put it mildly, but I so hate not to give anyone, even fictional characters, the benefit of the doubt. I do think counseling will do no good in this instance, though. Love the story. I really like these short pieces you do. More! More! (as if you don’t have enough to do!)

      2. Oh, I was hoping for more. I like this daughter. I don’t like the mother. I wonder if the daughter does, either, or just pities her, and then – when will resentment set in and ??? Or – could there be an unseen witness – blackmail? With a request for the daughter to sign up for the CIA or the Navy Seals or whatever, with those skills?

        I may be getting out of hand here. You see, my reading taste runs to thrillers, don’t you?…

      3. Ha! And since I end the story there, you could probably deduce that I can’t follow thrillers, not even on the screen. There must be some link up of neurons broken in my brain. I feel sorry for the mother because I can imagine how lost she feels, but the daughter is gutsy and I like that.

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