Poetry challenge Snow geese: the entries

Back on form and raring to go (well, steady as she goes anyway) so here are the entries for this last week’s challenge. WordPress was having pingback problems for most of the week so I’m going to have to work for this one. It’s worth it though—the poems are beautiful 🙂

Speaking of pingback problems, Janice has just pointed out that the poems that were only posted via a pingback didn’t get here at all. To bring one wandering poem back to the fold, here’s the link to Janice’s poem. Not to be deflected by the calm, purity of the scene, Janice has gone to the heart of the tragedy that dogged early seafaring expeditions, and the memories that haunt the lonely places of the world.



First one in this week was from Peter. Well, there’s a tall ships in the painting, isn’t there? Shades of the Flying Dutchman here. To be expected I suppose 🙂



Sarah from Southampton was next with a lyrical poem that reminded me of the Children of Lir, and then, after a nudge from Sarah, one of Grimm’s fairy tales  I’d forgotten I even knew.



Ken’s poem, like Peter’s focuses on the ship and the desolation of the region as an allegory for despair and captivity. Beautiful words, delicately crafted.



Merril’s seafarer is not a northern one. In fact he’s a long way from the Aegean. The sentiments of longing, the passage of time, and the draw of home are the same though.



Kat’s cleave poem is a comparison of two journeys—the ship and the geese—both with a tremendous sense of joyful achievement.



Abstract thoughts in Kerfe’s poem, all bright, northern light and the sharp taste of the sea. With pictures. Gorgeous.



Himanshu’s poem is a fun one to bring us back to earth, or go up in smoke. Take your pick 🙂

Jane’s Weekly Poetry Challenge | hbhatnagar


Geoff excelled himself this week taking us on a journey treading as delicately as the bubbles that swirl in a cup of coffee and the flight of a flock of geese.

My Space #poetry #poem | TanGental

Well done all for such a diverse and uplifting (I persist) collection of poems. New challenge tomorrow. Don’t forget 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Poetry challenge Snow geese: the entries”

  1. Thanks Jane for adding my entry when my lost pingback was discovered. I was struck particularly by the variety of the poems this week–the beautiful words about the birds and sea (said with a wistful sigh), the imaginings incorporating the presence of humans inspired by the ship, and several very unique entries that were a pleasure to read as well.

    1. No problem, Janice. The whole point of a round up is to get all the poems together. I was struck by the diversity this week, how the poems all took different aspects of the painting, aspects I hadn’t even thought of. When you get one impression, it’s difficult to feel another completely different one.

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