Whipped cloud

As usual, phone wouldn’t work when the really fantastic storm clouds were building up so I’ll have to make do with these pics that I took later in the day.


Torrid winds

churn the butter of the sky

creaming and whipping

the hot foamy stuff of storm clouds

into the troughs and crests

of a silent sea.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

13 thoughts on “Whipped cloud”

  1. I am a real cloud lover, Jane and sometimes the cost of capturing those spectacular storm clouds isn’t worth the risk. I sped off chasing some huge purple storm clouds and ended up caught in a fierce hail storm at the beach and I arrived home to find over 50 holes in our back roof. The photos were excellent but I do feel rather crazy for being out there.
    I like how you called the sky a silent sea.
    I was photographing the waves at a local surf beach. Our beach doesn’t have big waves so it was quite a novelty and I was freezing the churn and had some spectacular results. The waves roared and crashed onto the beach and were so violent yet beautiful.
    xx Rowena

    1. The clouds I missed weren’t as spectacular as yours—more strange than terrifying. Exactly like the foamy spirals in the cream on a cup of coffee. The camera probably wouldn’t have been up to capturing that aspect anyway.

      1. I saw some clouds the other day when I was at the beach that looked a bit like the waves crashing on the shore with alternating bands of white and blue. It was very striking and I did capture the moment, although not as well as I’d have liked.
        I noticed on Geoffle’s poem that you haven’t been well and I hope you’re on the mend. xx Rowena

      2. I think you need excellent photographic equipment to capture the subtleties of the sky. I’m feeling much better now thanks. I wish I knew how I hurt my back though, then I could try not to do it again!

      3. Time of day also makes a huge difference with photographic the sky. There’s what we call “the magic hour” just after sunrise and just before sunset. It’s like a bulb switches on and at least here, there’s a very rich golden light.
        I have a Nikon SLR but have been into photography fairly seriously for over twenty years and that experience stacks up…as does the number of shots.
        Was your back pain in your upper or lower back? I suddenly had bad lower back pain two weeks ago after a long car trip and sitting too much writing. I started with a bit of walking and stretches and fortunately its cleared. I was quite worried I’d done some nasty damage but so far so good.

      4. The light here at that time is a glorious pink and I’ve never been able to capture it.
        The pain was where I always get it, middle back, bottom of the rib cage. It’s a muscular weakness. I’m always damaging the intercostals.

  2. Excellent metaphor.

    Isn’t that always the way with photos? While watering the garden, I saw that the morning sun was back lighting a day lily with brilliance. By the time I could come back with the camera, it was too late.

  3. wonderful piece that captures the start of a storm beautifully. I actually love the pictures … but then I just love skies 🙂

    1. I’d have liked to have got the earlier ones when the sky was dark and the clouds were all over the place, billowing thick black ones and thin, stringy wispy ones. No doubt there’ll be more storms 🙂

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