Three line tales: Let them eat cake

This three-liner is for Sonya’s weekly photo prompt.

Photo ©Stephanie McCabe


The baker’s window, with its display of fancy patisserie, always attracted the tourists, but they weren’t free with their spare change, too afraid of being mugged—as if only rich bastards have spare change to give away.

When the sun moved round, he’d follow it to the other side of the street where there was a supermarket and ordinary people who wouldn’t mind slipping him enough to buy a sandwich.

He looked down and met a pair of brown, questioning eyes and glanced contemptuously at the grinning, self-satisfied cakes in the window. “We don’t even like that crap, do we?” he said, with a half-smile and bent to scratch his dog’s ears.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

24 thoughts on “Three line tales: Let them eat cake”

  1. Very interesting and well observed. In the first sentence, you might substitute the word ‘money’ for ‘wallet’, since pockets carry spare change, and wallets carry notes or money, and pockets carry wallets and spare change…. if you see what I mean.

    😀 xxx

      1. I thought you might think me a bit OTT, but then, you only have three sentences to play with. 🙂 xx

      2. Not criticism, I hope, merely an observation. Instead of ‘spare change’ twice, how about ‘coins’.

        I love minimalist writing, which is such a delicious challenge. I may be a reader, but actually, editors are the worst. (I find it hard to enjoy books, these days, such a pity!) xxx 🙂

      1. I hear the silent ‘but’ in there. To be honest, my mouth does water over East European pastries, the cream cheese and raisins, apple and almond type things.

      2. To be honest, I can’t remember the last time I was in a bakery. I bake often, and I like what I bake. I would also be more likely to buy pastries that I don’t make–especially if they also had chocolate in them. 🙂

      3. I used to bake. Everybody baked in my family and never bought anything from the bakery, but husband has no sweet tooth whatsoever, so I stopped.

      4. I don’t know how common it actually is–people are so busy these days–but I actually did do it. My mom always worked outside the home, so she didn’t.

      5. What I always marvel at is the quantity of cookies the kids sit down to eat! They take a whole tray of them up to their room and munch through a dozen or so each. How?

  2. Do you? I must try and remember to follow your example. Today I had a thought which has maybe put me off chocolate – for a while, I hope – ‘they only have to put so much sugar in it, because it tastes so bitter, otherwise.’ Think it’ll work?

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