Microfiction challenge Uncharted Waters: the entries

Such a wide range of stories, writing styles, and interpretations of the painting and the theme—humorous, metaphysical, literal, fantastical—there’s something for every taste among them. It goes without saying that they are all worth reading, so do drop by and do just that.

Sarah’s is the first story to take us completely out of this world.

Uncharted Waters – flash fiction for Jane Dougherty | fmme writes poems


Bill, story is philosophical, thoughtful and dreamlike, playing on coincidence and the imagined touching of very different lives.



Michael’s is a story about a journey into the unknown, with the antique feel of the classic films like King Kong and The Lost World.

Microfiction challenge #3: Shapes in the mist. | Morpethroad


Louise spins a very strange tale that throws up so many questions, hinting at so much backstory,  I wonder if this couldn’t be an extract from a novel.

Dreamer – Fantasy Raconteur


Geoff’s story is, of course, not meant to be taken seriously. I hope so anyway, for that shrink’s sake.

Paying the Price #shortstory #prompt | TanGental


MariJo’s story is on the metaphysical side of the spectrum, full of lush imagery and again, lost of questions.

Desert Dreams – The Journey of a Million Miles Edit


Kerfe seems to have hit a nerve with this one. Unsettling or tragic?

Junk Mail Art: Uncharted | method two madness


Mek’s story is fantasy, lovely images, delicate and profound.

Orizuru’s Winter Carousel | Work in Progress


Sri tells a tragic story, taken from actual experience.



Ken’s waters are very literally uncharted, and for good reason.



Phylor has continued last week’s story, adding another dimension and developing the theme of technology paralleled by fantasy.

JD’s Microfiction #3: Shapes in the Mist: Avenging Angel II: the Bracknells – Phylor’s Blog


Merril’s story is the one that maybe surprised me the most. It’s a classic example of how to build on the reader’s suppositions so that the end drops like a brick out of the blue.

Microfiction Challenge: Shapes in the Mist | Yesterday and today: Merril’s historical musings


Very well done to all of you! Do check out the next theme, posted tomorrow.

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