Here is this week’s promotional effort, the announcement that the third volume of The Pathfinders will be released on July 19 and available from the Finch Books website. It’s the episode I most enjoyed writing. It’s told entirely from Carla’s point of view, so if you have been itching to know more about how exactly she sees her realtionship with Tully, and how she stops herself giving him a clatter in the clackers every five minutes, you really need to read this story.

Here’s the cover.


and here’s the blurb.

Carla was expecting Paradisio to be like…well, paradise. But bad boy Nathaniel shows her that the inhabitants are anything but angelic.

Wormwood has fallen, but the journey isn’t over for Carla and Tully. Erelah, the Messenger, leads them onward to Paradisio, where they hope they will find their real home. The Grigori recognize Tully as Israfel, and he takes to his new role of guardian of music like a duck to water, but Carla’s impressions are of a world with dark secrets hiding in the shadows.

Tully seems absorbed in his music and whenever he comes up for air, Erelah—with her neat little wings—is waiting. In her misery, Carla finds consolation in Nathaniel, a Warrior who is a hunk and knows it. But she is playing with fire. Nat wants her, and what Nat wants, he takes.

As if her personal problems weren’t enough, Carla begins to piece together the mad plan that Nisroc, the Yazata of Paradisio, has lined up for the other worlds. And Tully—who has been promised a starring role—seems keen to play along with the lunatic scheme.

Carla finds herself caught up in a revolution, to stop Nisroc and the one who is creating his weapon of mass destruction—Tully.


None of this will make any sense whatsoever if you haven’t read Abomination, and not much more until you’ve read the second book, Devastation. So, what are you waiting for?

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Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

11 thoughts on “Revelation”

  1. I want Book 2! But when I tried to buy it from the site the PayPal page wouldn’t work. That was when it was just released. I will try again. This one has a gorgeous cover! Well done, Jane, and best of luck with the series!

      1. I have review copies. I’m not going to give them to all and sundry like last time because I think they just went to collectors rather than readers and reviewers. I’d like to give them to people who are actually going to read the book!

      2. I bloody lived the first one, so I am sure it will only get better. I have every confidence in you.

      3. I like this one better, probably because I liked the world— the Narnia syndrome. Nobody would have actually dreamed of living in that shopping mall!

      4. No. Thats why it was so good. Practical. It started off having evetything they needed. Clever!

      5. If they’d been the tribe that ended up with the cinema complex or the university library they probably wouldn’t have survived quite as long 🙂

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