Review of Abomination

A lovely ***** review from Kitty Muse Book Reviews. Makes Monday worthwhile after all 🙂


Kitty Muse Book Reviews, July 10, 2016
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This review is from: Abomination (The Pathfinders Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
Tully and Carla are students at an international school, with no problems in their lives other than having to take Saturday morning classes, the appearance of leek quiche for lunch, and what to do after school. It is nothing more than a small worry when the sun becomes hotter than usual, there is worldwide rioting, and Mt. Fuji seems on the verge of blowing up. Being teens, the outside world doesn’t touch them much.
The storm changes it all in an instant. And the wormhole, although it saves their lives, changes the pair’s world completely.
When the dust settles, they emerge from Carla’s cellar to an unrecognizable, shattered landscape, utterly devoid of life.
Unless you count the survivors, who themselves are hardly considered “living”.
The two are captured by one member of a number of “tribes”, who delivers them to his leader, a man-child by the name of Ace, whose tribe lives in the ruins of a shopping mall. Here, Tully and Carla learn of what has transpired in the surprisingly five years since they had disappeared into that hole…
…and that they all await the return of The Burnt Man.

I’d been waiting for Ms. Dougherty to produce another book, and she more than met my expectations. The characters in this book reminded me a lot of the boys in “Lord of the Flies”. And the mall—creepy atmosphere entirely! Because—guess what?—the kids are not alone…
Oh—and why are they just kids of a certain age? Well, that would be telling.
I am just in awe of the worlds Jane Dougherty can create. They are so vibrant, filled with sensory depictions so vivid the reader can be totally immersed in the tale from the first to the last page.
This book is the first in a new series—and I am waiting, once again, for the next installment in this new world she has created for us.

Kathy Ree sent me this collection of photos she found of the shopping mall at the end of the world. Extraordinary! How did they get the pictures?
Here are the buy links, because, of course, you are going to read this series, aren’t you?

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