The Daily Post prompt is: Guest


She never feels like a guest,

always looking for something to do,

hands itching to help carry,

butter bread, serve the pasta.

Sheโ€™s the kind who sits on the edge of her chair,

near the door;

ready to take the child to the toilet

or to be sick

or to play in the garden;

to feed the cat, pet the dog.

She eyes the kitchen constantly,

wondering about extra plates,

and where they keep the knives and forks.

Just in case.

She folds and unfolds her napkin,

unwilling to set it in her lap,

as if that small gesture pins her to her seat

and the role others have defined for her,

defuses her potential for running around after people and things,

as if by sitting and preparing to eat,

she has become just a guest.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

40 thoughts on “Mothers”

      1. i don’t really know myself,

        all in seen was a struggle to protect us


        or in one of her many coma’s…


        i felt my mother’s lov e..

        kisses an hugs chris

      2. i seem always use my dirty hands…

        sorry, put i’m sure i could steal a handful of napkins from Starbucks..


        hugs, may i kiss the tears away darling?


      1. My mother was always next to me in the kitchen asking what could she do, as if she didn’t know better than me! Thankfully there were always about a million other things she could be usefully doing that she didn’t ever get under my feet.

      1. Or that you did not have them to start with.

        I’ll admit, I like being a guest now, and not having so much responsibility, and thankful that it has turned out so that this can be true.

      2. I hope I’ll be like that. I have a feeling I will. My mother had that guilt complex of so many women of previous generations, that it somehow wasn’t ‘right’ that the female head of the household should ever sit down and take things easy. I don’t have those compunctions ๐Ÿ™‚

      3. Me? Certainly not. I am living out the best time of my life and I think it is because I have laid down a lot of these “shoulds”, either by my own efforts or forced to, and I’m not sorry!

      4. I can’t see me rushing round after any of my daughters. I think they appreciate that I’ve done enough of that, and if they want to invite me (when they finally have somewhere to invite me to!) I shan’t stand in their way of waiting on me hand and foot.

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