Poetry challenge #39: Sleep walking

Le Somnambule is a clever little painting. At first glance, the bright colours and simplistic figures with their awkward gestures remind me of an illustration in a children’s picture book. Looking closer though, the three faces seem anxious and their gestures more a question of not waving but drowning. And what is the cat looking at? I’d be interested to see how you interpret this theme of

Sleep walking


I have used the cinquain form for this one. Shadow Poetry gives a detailed and interesting account of it’s creation, and how to write a good one. You don’t have to use the form if you don’t want to. Whichever form you choose, post the link to your post in the comments below before next Tuesday. Have fun!




fills my light steps

unseen, no touch, no sound,

shadows gather, darkness leads me

to sleep.


Watching you


I watch

you step lightly,

walking in a dream world,

blindly yearning, reach for the moon.

Come back!


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

43 thoughts on “Poetry challenge #39: Sleep walking”

  1. This painting reminds me of my friend who was woken by a ring on the doorbell at 4 in the morning and went downstairs to find her (sleepwalking) teenage son had climbed out of an upstairs window and landed (safely) in the garden. I think he went back to bed and slept quite well, but I don’t think she did!

      1. Thanks, Jane. It was about my fourth attempt. I think that remark about cinquains being used to teach grammar stuck with me, and I was taking the format much too literally. 🙂

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