Microfiction challenge At the window: the entries

This challenge, a story in less than 200 words, is the start of a mini series for some of us. All the stories were intriguing, and some I hope will lead into a further development based on the next prompt. There are fantasy stories, mysteries, thrillers and historical recreations among your creations, all well worth reading. I hope you will all try tomorrow’s prompt, and maybe use it to add another chapter to the story.


Louise’s story could go in many different directions. I do hope she’s going to choose one and write it.

Tempted – Fantasy Raconteur


Sarah’s story is the start of a crime thriller (I hope), and next week will clarify (I hope) what happened to Mrs Locatelli.



Lady Lee’s microfiction is in fact a poem. The prose version is posted in the challenge comments.

Microfiction challenge #4: At the window – ladyleemanila


Phylor introduces a character who I can see is going to run and run. Unfortunately 🙂

Dr. Teagarten’s Exit – Phylor’s Blog Edit


Michael’s a pure happy ending romance. Don’t often get those!

Microfiction Challenge #4: At the window | Morpethroad


Merril trumped Michael’s story for romance, in that it takes us right to the end of life, and beyond…

Microfiction: Kiss at the Window | Yesterday and today: Merril’s historical musings


Doug’s story is a recreation of a possible historical encounter. This is a kind of fiction I very much enjoy. Whether it really happened or not.

A Decision is Made in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat | Elusive Trope


Bill has the same vision as Doug, an imagined dip into the past. This one delves into Munch’s very tortured spirit—darkly successful. (Sorry about the great white space that follows. I can’t make it go away)

A Whisper of Empty


MariJo’s story is, I hope the start of a much longer one. We’ll see next week…

The Messenger, part 1 – The Journey of a Million Miles


Kerfe with a very short story, and a beautiful image that can be interpreted in many ways, but all of them fantastically romantic.

Junk Mail Art: The Kiss | method two madness


Ken’s story is the only vampire take. I must say I do find this painting gives off vampire vibes—the position of the characters, the light, and the ambiguity about whether or not the woman is being forced.

Instinct Prevails | rivrvlogr


Mek’s story is a whirlwind relationship taking the reader from first sight to the exit in less than 200 words.

Kiss by the Window | Work in Progress


A late, very romantic story from Sri.




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