Poetry challenge Sleep walking: the entries

It is so gratifying to see that the paintings that I love and get so much inspiration from, seem to prod the same nerves with so many of you. I loved reading these poems, you produced a beautiful collection.


Sarah’s small collection of dancing jewels

Poetry challenge #39 – Sleep walker – for Jane Dougherty. | fmme writes poems


Lady Lee’s poem is a dream of love

Believe in Dreams – ladyleemanila


Three, Ken! Is this a record? I think my favourite is the first poem. Cats always manage to steal the show.

sleepwalking | rivrvlogr

sleepwalker | rivrvlogr

Inspiration de Chagall – cross-out poem | rivrvlogr

And a fourth cinquain (fingers crossed he doesn’t add a fifth) on the cat’s orders.

The cat says | rivrvlogr


TJ’s poem, like Kerfe’s is a circular argument or real or unreal. Back to front and inside out. Maybe that’s how it feels to be between dreaming and waking.



Kat’s poems follow the rules beautifully of one of the more precise forms of cinquain.

Never Forget – A Trio of Cinquains | like mercury colliding…


I really like Kim’s cinquain. There’s something so off-balance about that last line/word.

Lunar Tricks – writing in north norfolk


Louise’s poems are also a little unsettling. My favourite is the first one. Reminds me of Clive Barker’s Abarat.

Chaotic Nightmares – Fantasy Raconteur


Merril’s second poem seem to me to be infused with feelings inspired by the horrific events in Nice. Again, the dreamworld is not necessarily a fairy tale.

Dreamscape | Yesterday and today: Merril’s historical musings


As was to be expected, the Crow’s poem is mid-way between dream and nightmare. A jovial nightmare? If that’s possible.

my feet on the roof, off the ground (20160714) – Words and Feathers


Kerfe’s dream world is topsy turvy and back to front, but there’s a sense that it will all make sense in the end.

Orbiting | method two madness


Janice’s poems sent shivers up the spine, especially the last one. Definitely not a comfortable dream world.

Sleepwalking—Cinquain poems – Ontheland


Doug’s sleepwalkers might or might not be of this world. Eerie yet not frightening. I like the atmosphere of this one.

When Dusk Disappears | Elusive Trope


and a last minute entry from Sri. Romantic as always.



That’s the foray into the world of Chagall’s Sleep Walker. And a trip well worth making. Thanks to all of you, and hoping tomorrow’s prompt inspires you equally fruitfully.

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