For Sacha Black’s writing prompt to write a short story of less than 200 words set underwater.


So bright, like diamonds, this thick air is alive, and I wonder what ever happened to you. It could have been good; you shouldn’t have given up. I missed you, always. Walking through the pinewood, light falling slantwise and the shrill of cicadas, your arm around me, your breath in my hair, hot and scented like the pines, needles crunching under foot, and the heat, like a presence. Old stones there were and piazzas with churches and fountains, and a silence of calm rather than inactivity. If only I could go back to that moment when everything went black and thick as treacle. If only.

Diamonds. I try to catch them but they slip like quicksilver between my fingers. I call. Call out to you. But my voice is lost in a bubbling vortex. Where did you go, all those years ago, when the dark fell? I’ve been wading in treacle ever since. Something fills my throat, choking. Is it tears or diamonds? I reach back to the dark, embrace it; hope that this time, I will know the right words. Hand, held out, pushing against the dark. My mouth, my head fill with dark diamonds.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

11 thoughts on “Diamonds”

  1. Some very interesting images, metaphors here – vivid in description, lending the reader to being right there in the moment, as the tension builds, slips, ebbs, and reignites. Well done.

  2. wow stunning piece, so descriptive. You and Ali are both so gifted when it comes to description. I’ve learnt so much from you both. Sorry for the delay, I have been trying to focus solely on book word count so I can FINALLY publish something! so I have been extremely slack when it comes to the blog.

      1. I have to finish this draft by 31st August. Then I have to finish edits (I’ve done half already) before end sept. hand to beta readers 1st Oct. Edit beta feedback in Nov. Hand to editor 1st Dec. Self pub next year, maybe my birthday in March, because… why not. How’s everything your end?

      2. Struggling to get The Pathfinders moving and reboot The Green Woman. I’d love to just ignore them both now and get on with something new, but I need to work out how to break the visibility barrier first.

      3. I know that exhaustion feeling wanting to just move on, that last stretch is so hard. Some of the marketing books I’ve recommended recently might help with visibility?

      4. I don’t think I have the right attitude frankly. No time to read books about marketing, no money to buy them and absolutely no money to spend on advertising. You can’t do much if you’re not able to spend. I don’t know what I’ll do except keep writing and hope that fashions will change and the awesome kick ass heroine will go fuck herself and let some normal human being have a turn as being mc 🙂

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