I wish

The Daily Post prompt is: Craving.


Does the sea bass crave the shallows

Ghosts the hallows?

Does the dusk fall

Shadow night’s pall?


They say the land of makebelieve,

Where children grieve,

Because it dies,

We must despise.


But I still long for ocean deeps,

Where no one weeps,

Silver fish slide,

And night birds glide.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

12 thoughts on “I wish”

  1. My aunt had that painting on her wall for years and still does. She has three girls. I found a reproduction of it, and I have it in my basement. I thought one of her girls would want it, but none did. Love the poem.

      1. Hmm, that never occurred to me. I wondered if it made them feel like a kid again and they prefer being an adult. I sure do. But I like imagining myself into a happy childhood. It’s good therapy for not having had one. 🙂

      2. Memory is very selective. Like the summers that were always hot and Christmases that were always white, we tend to airbrush out the aspects that weren’t happy, even in a childhood that we would consider happy.

    1. I know about Emily Dickinson and how sh only ever wrote about what she could see from her window, but can’t say I know any of her poetry. We had the choice to study either Wallace Stevens or Emily Dickinson and I chose Stevens.

      1. Ah thank you for drawing my attention to Wallace Stevens I only knew ‘ The Emperor of Ice cream’ . A pretty hectic character from the Wiki account.
        A sloop of Amber slips away
        Upon an ether sea,
        And wrecks in peace a purple tar,
        The son of ecstasy.

      2. Yes: but the color of the heavy hemlocks
        Came striding.
        And I remembered the cry of the peacocks.

        There are a lot of his images that I love, mainly to do with brilliant vegetation and birds.

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