Poetry challenge Tilus: the entries

A short, sweet form, rather like a haiku, the tilus is suited to the description of a single image. Some of you have found that it can also be used to tell a story in a string of images. The overwhelming impression I have from these poems is one of exhilaration and peace. It was a real tonic reading them.

Carol was in first and set the tone.

Blue – WritersDream9


Louise. There’s always one who swims against the tide, isn’t there?

Fear, Loss & Void – Fantasy Raconteur


Ken, another poem that runs free.

Dark Horse | rivrvlogr


Sarah with a trilune (more about that tomorrow)




On a painting by Franz Marc | Graceful Press Poetry



Feral Majesty – LearaWrites


Janice paints a vivid picture of the herd at sunset.

Blue horses at sunset – Ontheland


Merril manages to get peaceful horses and Star Trek in the same poem 🙂

Worlds and Colors | Yesterday and today: Merril’s historical musings


Kat fleshes out her horses in the space of a handful of words.

Blue Horses | like mercury colliding…


Sri also sees the horses as clouds. A powerful image.



Thanks for the restful poems this week (well, except Louise’s). It’s good to turn off the world for a while. New challenge tomorrow with a brand new 100% original form. You can totally ignore it if you like though.


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Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

11 thoughts on “Poetry challenge Tilus: the entries”

  1. As you said, these were mostly beautiful, restful poems. (And Star Trek). 🙂 Great job by everyone!
    I’m laughing at your remark about the new form tomorrow that we can ignore.

  2. So sorry I didn’t get my entries posted in time. Yes, more than one — a kind of short, short story.
    I’m not sure the Avenue will be responded to either. I may just let my serial rest — you are very right, it’s getting far too complex. Maybe someday with lots of editing, it can be a longer story.
    Writing is tough right now. So if I don’t participate for a while, doesn’t mean I’m not checking in on your challenges.
    Glad folks responded well and peacefully to the tilus — it is such an interesting form.
    Good luck with the move! Sounds exciting.

    1. Don’t stop writing, whatever you do! Even if it’s tough, a few minutes scribbling takes your mind off all the rest of the less enticing stuff going on. Keep a look out for novel news—there’ll be freebies available 🙂

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